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Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you knew exactly what your life purpose was? Knowing your life purpose is more important than knowing your future. With purpose and meaning you can create the future that you want!


Steve has a particular gift to illuminate the path I am walking. He brings ancient wisdom to illustrate the archetypes and astral patterns that are alive for me now. I can see my path in the sunlight, but when Steve joins me, I can also see by the light of the moon and the stars.  ~ LF, Seattle


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One of the most cherished gifts you can receive is the gift of understanding the significance and meaning of your life experiences. Good or Bad, if you know "why" then you have can have both purpose and freedom supporting your future. Every person has a special and complex purpose that nourishes their soul. You're unique, and Steven offers different types of readings to address your personal and unique situation. Astrology is about unraveling the mystery of who you are, how you arrived here, and the best way to embrace the quality of relationships which are necessary for moving forward in your life. Join Steven for a personal reading to discover your highest potential and what you need from life to become all you can be.


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Seattle Astrology Articles

  • A New Level of Emotional Intelligence A New Level of Emotional IntelligenceSeveral important astrological events are coinciding this week: A Full MOON in GEMINI a Lunar Eclipse, and a VENUS Transit across the face of the SUN. These events are part of a larger cycle involving the May 5 (Supermoon) Full MOON initiation, and the Solar Eclipse on May 20. This article integrates the Esoteric meaning of this week's three events and shows you a unique opportunity. Read Full Article Here...
    Posted Jun 6, 2012, 8:44 AM by Steven Shroyer
  • The Magic of Two Gemini New Moons The Magic of Two Gemini New Moons   On May 20th, 2012 we will be entering a realm of discovery, as our Sun moves into the sign of Gemini on the day of a spectacular Solar Eclipse. Indeed this is a special time in the history of our planet Earth.   The specialness and impact of the year "2012" has been etched in our collective consciousness for centuries. The Mayans saw 2012 as both an end and a beginning. The wheel of creative spirit always moves forward and every ending marks the start of something new.Read Full Article...
    Posted May 18, 2012, 3:49 PM by Steven Shroyer
  • Supermoon May Full MOON 2012 Supermoon May Full MOON 2012 An Esoteric Peek at the Lunar Matrix As the MOON orbits the earth, the path it traces wobbles as much as 3°. When the moon passes closest to the earth, this is known as the MOON's "perigee." What is super interesting is that the MOON's perigee this year is occurring exactly on the May Full MOON. Our May Full MOON is considered a Supermoon, because in ancient times it would represent one of the most sacred times for initiation, when the Lunar energies were the strongest of the year. On Saturday May 5, 2012, we have what the ancients called a special "Lunar Eclipse precession of Initiation" because the perigee is also occurring ...
    Posted May 8, 2012, 7:25 AM by Steven Shroyer
  • A Cosmic Visitation A Cosmic Visitation New MOON April 21st, 12:18am PDT. The New MOON in Washington DC represents an opportunity to activate a cosmic visitation for the planet.   We are on the verge of a cosmic visitation unlike any of the typical visitations Earth experiences on a semi-regular basis. From time to time our solar system is privileged to experience a visitation from beyond our solar system. This is a normal occurrence and often involves a meteor or asteroid. These cyclic visits are common patterns which bring our solar system periodic messages from the larger galactic community in which our own star, the SUN, is connected as an important galactic member. Read Full Article...
    Posted Apr 17, 2012, 9:35 AM by Steven Shroyer
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Seattle Astrology Articles

  • • A Lunar Eclipse Portal: The END OF TIME - Dec 10 Full MOON Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on Dec 10, 6:36 AM PST   There is an exciting total Lunar Eclipse on Saturday, Dec 10th which opens a cosmic portal to earth. This is no ordinary portal. In fact, it may be the most interesting and fascinating Lunar Eclipse to date.Full Article • A Lunar Eclipse Portal: The END OF TIME - Dec 10 Full MOON
    Posted Dec 26, 2011, 1:36 PM by Steven Shroyer
  • • A Perfect Celebration - Nov 24 New MOON A Perfect Celebration November New MOON, on Thanksgiving Day at 10:10 PM PST     There is a unique opportunity this week with the New MOON falling on Thanksgiving Day. What is absolutely fascinating, is the New MOON energies are suggesting a need for fun, recharging, and a natural release of energies.  Full Article • A Perfect Celebration - Nov 24 New MOON
    Posted Dec 26, 2011, 1:34 PM by Steven Shroyer
  • • 11-11-11 @ 11:11 An Esoteric Perspective An Esoteric Perspective of 11-11-11 @ 11:11  Special Edition of The Lunar Esoteric Journal   Greetings my esoteric friends, on this auspice day of five 11's. I have received several requests to look at the esoteric meaning of this exact moment in time. I have calculated an astrological chart for 11:11 AM on November 11, 2011 which represents a fascinating sequence of five 11's in a row.Full Article • 11-11-11 @ 11:11 An Esoteric Perspective
    Posted Dec 26, 2011, 1:31 PM by Steven Shroyer
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Elizabeth Schermer's is a modern day alchemist. Learn the art of energy alchemy at the renowned Seattle Mystery School 2014. New Program start Mar 1, 2014.

The Sabian Esoterica
A website dedicated to The Sabian , Astrology Sabian Symbols, and The Sabian Esoteric Restoration Movement. The Sabian is one of the most sacred esoteric bodies of knowledge available for study today.

Esoteric Astrology USA
A website revealing the hidden areas of Astrology. Esoteric (meaning hidden from the public) Astrology USA now unleashes all the secrets of Astrology. See what you're been missing.

Fundamental Feng Shui
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~Seattle Astrology USA, Seattle Washington

Lunar Cosmic Journal

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The Lunar Cosmic Journal is published bi-monthly and follows the MOON cycles from an esoteric perspective. It's an Astrology Journal that provides practical insight and advice to allow you to work with the Lunar energies in a positive way.

From an esoteric point of view, the MOON provides the psychic energy needed to access your intuition, your connection to planetary life-force, and the ability to nourish your soul within a changing environment. Sign up today to receive your own copy of the Journal via email.

The Lunar Cosmic Journal is a Seattle Astrology publication

Why Seattle Astrology Is Different

An astrology reading has two components, the astrologer and the astrology discipline. You can read Steven Shroyer's biography to learn about his thirty-plus years of astrology experience, but that's only half the story. 

Steven has also integrated three of the most difficult astrology disciplines to master and has combined them into a new and extremely powerful form of esoteric understanding. With this understanding he has access to both your current life and past life realms, and can clearly see what your soul's essence needs to operate consciously in this lifetime. 

Understanding Your Happiness 

Everyone wants a clear understanding of how their highest joy is activated.  You may be asking; "What are my unique gifts, how do I access them, and why do I have them?" Questions like these are answered when you clearly understand how your Gate of Intuition functions within your life. To fully embrace life, and to live one's highest joy is to live life through the full use of your intuitive gifts. A question which needs answering is; "Where does your highest joy reside?"

Understanding Your Purpose 

Actualizing your life's purpose is part of the path of Dharma (spiritual life work and destiny) and is revealed in your birth chart as your Cross of Dharma. To what end is this all leading? Knowing that your actions have purpose and meaning is fulfilling at the deepest level of consciousness. Do your activities support your highest potential? ~ Seattle Astrology

Rudhyarian Astrology

Rudhyarian Astrology is the multi-level astrologcial approach developed by the greatest teacher of astrology, Dane Rudhyar.

After his work with Carl Jung, Alice Bailey, and H.P. Blavatsky, he formalized his ideas which are now revolutionizing metaphysics and cosmology.

His new multi-level approach factors in the evolution of the planet Earth, societies, individual persons, and humanity-as-a-whole from the stand point of "Operative Wholeness," a new term he coined to introduce the idea of "The Rhythm of Wholeness."