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• Seattle Astrology brings a New Vision of Astrology

Moon Astrology is Occult Wisdom
The vision for Seattle Astrology is an inclusive organization that promotes new astrological thinking based on the teachings of Dane Rudhyar and Rudhyarian philosophy. Seattle Astrology was founded by Steve Shroyer in January 2010, after studying and taking classes from some of the best teachers in the world during the last 26 years. His vision is for an astrological community that promotes common ideologies rather than differences. 

Astrology is seen as a symbolic representation of greater reality that not only humankind is evolving together as a shared experience, but an evolution that is planetary and solar system linked. As human beings we are slow transitioning into a global community. What is needed more than ever is a holistic approach to life's challenges and meaningful new symbols that give us hope, faith, and a deeper understanding of the evolutionary process we are all participating in.

The Seattle area is energetically suited to support the open mindedness necessary for the promotion of Rudhyarian philosophic thinking. It is interesting to note the importance of Marc Edmund Jones, 1888-1980, in the history Seattle Astrology. Steve Shroyer grew up in the small Washington town of Stanwood and lived there during the same time period Marc Edmund Jones was actively working in astrology on his Sabian project. His book, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, was preparing for its second printing in 1966 by the Sabian Publishing Society in Stanwood, WA, unbeknown at the time to Steve, but still energetically significant in the larger picture. Marc Edmund Jones was instrumental in giving Dane Rudhyar access to the original Sabian work that was done with Jones and Elsie Wheeler. 

Today, Steve Shroyer is also the founder of the Sabian Esoteric Restoration Movement. This organization is dedicated to the preservation of the original archetypes which are currently hidden in 1920's historical and cultural symbolism. The Sabian is a historical masterpiece of internally structured symbols. Its core archetypal meaning needs thoughtful oversight to allow for its natural evolution to evolve in a significant and meaningful way for future generation to benefit without losing its esoteric depth.