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My approach to astrology is non-judgmental and holistic in nature. Life's challenges and struggles are seen as opportunities for growth once you are able to see the larger picture of your life as it relates to your life purpose and path. You are a completely unique individual and you have unique requirements which are part of your personal bio-design. Your design is specific to unique purpose and must be honored in order to function at your highest potential. Each reading takes these factors into account as well as the following areas of knowledge.


Astrological Knowledge Incorporated into Each Reading

  • Your most impacting past life which energetically flows into your current life is fully explored in detail. (It isn't necessary to subscribe to past life thinking to benefit from this profound and useful knowledge.)
  • Your Cross of Dharma, in how your soul's essence is understood in relationship to your inner security, how others see the real you, and how your essence is released into the world through your contribution to society and your Dharma or spiritual path of success.
  • Your Gate of Intuition provides insight into exactly how your own intuition works. It shows the unique ways in which you access non-physical information so you can trusting your intuitive awareness and inner guidance.
  • The unfolding of major time cycles occur every 7 years, with major milestones at 14, 28-30, 42, 56, 70, and 84. The transiting planets provide additional frequencies that must be taking into consideration.
  • Your astrology birth chart is the first imprinting that the solar system makes on you. As a first impression, this becomes your starting point of development and unfoldment. All life is cyclic and responses dynamically and in synchronicity to larger cycles in which we are a part.


All Types of Astrology Readings and Astrological Services

All readings are recorded and are a valuable resource as you refer back to your reading.


    A New Direction for Astrology

    Esoteric Astrology is moving us beyond what most people traditionally think of astrology. There was a major shift in the metaphysical world on the winter Solstice of 2009 when it coincided with the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus.

    Astrology has a long history and tradition behind it, but in my opinion has been unable to break away from the cultural biases and limitations which has keep astrology in the realm of entertainment, or at best, a discussion of character traits and negative personality flaws.

    The 2009 shift is allowing for the world to accept a more esoteric understanding of the world and astrology. Astrology is beginning to embrace the energetics and hidden universal principles behind all of life's manifestations. These principles are more readily accessible now then ever before.

    There is a subtle shift in our awareness where life can be experienced as moving from one phase to another. The idea of process and cyclic transformation is beginning to anchor in our consciousness in a new and profound way. Understanding life as a cyclic process of continual transformation is the foundation for a new direction for astrology.

    ~ Steven Shroyer

  • Complete Astrology Reading  1hr 45m
    This reading covers your past life, Cross of Dharma, Gate of Intuition, and any personal questions you may have. Additional Information

  • Relationship Reading   2hr 30m
    This reading is quite involved and looks at your birth chart your partners birth chart. A third chart (composite) is also constructed which allows for a complete look all levels of relationship interaction and reveals how best the two individuals can combine their energies for the highest possible potential for success.

  • Solar Return & Birthday Reading  1hr 45m
    This reading looks at energies and cycles you will need to integrate during your next calendar year in order to take advantage of all the natural opportunities the coming year has to offer. Any time within 2 months (before or after) your birthday is appropriate.

  • Progressed Birth Chart & Spiritual Growth Reading   1hr 45m
    This reading goes deep inside your personal transformational process and looks at what is "up" for you in all aspects of your spirituality.

  • Business Prosperity Reading   2hr
    This reading is for any owner or partial owner of a business. It explorers what you need to know to experience the level of success  which is within your potential as a business person.

  • Medical Cause of Disease Reading   1hr 45m
    This reading is not diagnostic in nature nor does it replace the physical treatment of disease. This reading looks into the energetic cause of your medical issue and gives you another set of tools to heal yourself from the inside out. All medical treatments needs to  be supported at the deepest levels of consciousness. Understanding why a disease process is taking place, and what you can do to energetically change the process, is absolutely invaluable in embracing the total healing of your being.



Steven Shroyer's Expertise

He has been a student of astrology for over 30 years and has integrated three of the most difficult astrology disciplines to master.  His interest in philosophy, psychology, spirituality, and esoterica date back to Steven's youth. He has received 10 years of direct spiritual training in advanced Kriya Yoga from the realized Kriya master Paramahamsa Hariharananda (also a Vedic astrologer.) Steven also has extensive medical training in both eastern and western medicine. Steven is a writer, an esoterist, and a teacher with a constant spiritual perspective of life and love. He would  love to share his expertise and his life's work with you.