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    A booking and scheduling application for clients to schedule an astrological reading with Steven Shroyer.
Holistic Medical Astrology
    A Holistic Medical Astrology practice combining both eastern and western medicine.
    Chinese Astrology, Classical Feng Shui combined with Intuitive Energetic Feng Shui.
    Home of The SABIAN and The SABIAN Esoteric Restoration Movement.
    Rudhyarian Astrology combined with a unique look at the world's greatest astrology teacher.

~Seattle Astrology, Seattle Washington

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Seattle Astrology
    An Introduction to a New Direction in 
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Holistic Astrology
    Clearly defines the Holistic Approach to Astrology
SABIAN Astrology
    A New Astrological Discipline that is Profound and Deep
Rudhyarian Astrology
    Discover why Dane Rudhyar is considered the greatest of all astrologers