• Acceleration in Consciousness Article Summary - Feb 18

I want to personally share with you an incredible opportunity that is available to all of us during the next two weeks. I'm extremely excited about this and I'm sure you will want to pass this along to people you care about.


This is a short summary of the full article titled: An Acceleration in Consciousness. The Solstice Lunar Eclipse Portal is coming to a close on Mar 3rd. What is so exciting about the next two weeks is the Astrological Kite Pattern that was discovered on Feb 12th. This special alignment gives a direct and clear picture of how to anchor our transforming consciousness to a deeper level of authenticity through the correct use of power.


The Solstice Eclipse has opened a portal that has allowed us to develop the ability to access new levels of authenticity in our personal life and our relationships. The Eclipse has also sparked the beginnings of a new vision involving our collective future as a group of spiritual beings. This vision is integrative with the evolution of our beloved planet. It has also activated our ability to communicate and share this vision through intuition and psychic abilities.


The Full Moon on Feb 18th will be a very powerful event considering all that has happened astrologically since the Winter Solstice Eclipse. This Full Moon provides us the opportunity to anchor a "Fullness in Consciousness" through use of ritualized identification with an enlightened use of power. Power comes to us in many forms and ultimately powers our ability to act in a focused intelligent way. The five days leading up to the Full Moon allow us to focus our participation in something greater. The time period from Feb 12th through Mar 3rd (when the portal closes) is of great importance. I believe the future acceleration of the planet and the coinciding of the Mayan 9th Wave is being set in place through the astrological alignment of the last few months.


The Full Moon represents the understanding of decisions and changes that each of us are facing in the direction of our life.  The opportunity is how we can use the challenges we have experienced over to last couple of months to energize and identify the correct use of power in our lives. The correct use of power results in authentic relationships, with yourself and with others. It also energizes a spiritual vision of the future as we enter into an acceleration of consciousness.


To take full advantage of the Full Moon, light a candle (or design your own ritual), sit quietly and contemplate on a symbol of power that represents authenticity, an enlightened use of power, and a spiritual vision of the future that your natural intuitive and psychic abilities can support.


As a special bonus, I've included along with my Eclipse article, 12 new astrological signature symbols that are suitable for meditation and contemplation as part of a ritual. It is my recommendation that you consider using one or more of these symbols in your personal integration of a Full Moon ritual.