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• A Lunar Eclipse Portal: The END OF TIME - Dec 10 Full MOON

posted Dec 9, 2011, 4:18 PM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Dec 24, 2011, 8:59 AM ]

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on Dec 10, 6:36 AM PST


There is an exciting total Lunar Eclipse on Saturday, Dec 10th which opens a cosmic portal to earth. This is no ordinary portal. In fact, it may be the most interesting and fascinating Lunar Eclipse to date.


A Lunar Eclipse always holds a special opportunity, and a total eclipse is especially so. During a total Lunar Eclipse the Full MOON becomes completely dark and temporarily loses contact with the SUN. This phenomenon only happens during a total eclipse. Esoterically, this means the Sun is not able to distribute its light through the MOON. The area of the heavens that normally holds a spot for the Solar influence is not present. This opens a cosmic portal which is focused directly on earth during an Eclipse.  This article discusses this cosmic portal, what it means, and how to maximize its opportunity in your life. Lunar Eclipse's are always a positive influence in your life as long as you take a moment to understand how to utilize them as a special and rare gift from the cosmos.



My Personal Reaction and Astonishment


I experienced a high degree of astonishment after I ran the astrological chart of this coming Lunar Eclipse and understood the full meaning. I first realized this Eclipse was going to be special when I noticed that the planet Neptune was at 29° Aquarius. This degree is esoterically known to represent the capacity to utterly transform the character of one's consciousness. That degree also suggests that by radically altering the structural patterns of everyday living and the types of relationships one enters into, that a transcendent realization is possible (trine Saturn).


The planet Jupiter holds to key to understanding that time (Saturn) will be no longer be flowing like a river from the past into the future (1° Taurus in opposition to Saturn). The rest of the chart indicates a new turn of events, which takes away the controlling power of those who want to maintain the status quo of our current social order. It also suggests the unveiling of a powerful cosmic truth, so revealing, that reality as we know it takes on a level of translucidity. Meaning the true nature of the universe is revealed in way in which all that is left behind is the impulse to BE. I was blown away when I realized the impact this could have.


What I realized was that time, as we know it, is about to end!


When I realized what this Lunar Esoteric Eclipse Portal represented, my intuitive centers lit up with excitement. Bits of information from various sources all started lining my consciousness in patterns that started making perfect sense. I remembered Carl Calleman's book, "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness," and what he said about the Mayan Calendar  representing the end of time. Then I remembered a quote from Albert Einstein saying,


"The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."  


I also remembered another famous quote,


"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly."  The Buddha (563 BC-483 BC)


A few moments later I synchronistically discovered a remarkable book by a famous theoretical physicist named Julian Barbour. He is currently the leading authority on the subject of time. As a result of his ground breaking research he published a book called "The End of Time - The Next Revolution in Physics." I thought to myself, "I may have just hit the cosmic jackpot."


From the moment I first realized the deeper meaning of the Eclipse, until I read enough of Julian Barbour's work to understand his premise, my intuition was operating at full capacity and I was able to downloaded a clear picture of the Universe. During this very short span of time, I felt like I understood the big picture of what it meant when people would state, "I feel grounded and completely awake with understanding." My excitement was overflowing. This Eclipse may be one of the most illuminating moments in our lifetime, in terms of understanding how to live life completely free of time. My hope is to present this important information in a manner in which everyone will be able to relate.


Let me begin by attempting to summarize the complex subject of time, which is far more vast than a short journal article can do justice. If you're not interested in the physics of this, feel free to skip the following section of this article.



Julian Barbour's "A Universe Without Time" - Summary

(Feel completely free to skip this summary explanation of the physics of time.)


The following is a very brief summary of Julian Barbour's breakthrough research about the nature of time. This summary is based on a several scientific articles and a revolutionary book on theoretical physics entitled, "The End of Time."


Julian Barbour has successfully proven that our concepts of time are incorrect. In his brilliant published work, he presents time as an illusion which is created by our experience of motion. He successful shows that since the entire universe is in motion or change, time can never be accurately measured by motion. Instead of our perception that time is flowing like a river in which everything is afloat, the river of time simply does not exist. The river's "flow" is simply our human attempt at making sense of the changing positions of things. These changes, or configurations of position groups, he calls "time capsules," simply because each configuration has a history and a duration. We all have an awareness of duration, but Barbour eloquently points out that duration is a subjective interpretation of history which varies from person to person.


Barbour correlates how most people never consider that time and clocks are two completely different ideas. A clock is a mechanical representation of what is imagined to be a natural clock.  He then relies on science to show how a natural clock does not actually exist in a useful form. Barbour then points out that the only accurate natural clock is the universe itself as a whole, which can only be calculated by its total change in configuration. The total change or movement of the Universe cannot be measured. What we are left with are snapshots of stable geometric configurations that change to new configurations. The universe is simply moving from one configuration to another. Clock time may exist to help us keep appointments, but time as a universal absolute doesn't exist. Barbour effectively shows how the physics of motion is completely independent from time.


What we are left  with is a Universe without time consisting of a series of geometric configurations or snapshots. As matter moves from one configuration to the next, our illusion of time and motion links the snapshots into a linear story.


Julian Barbour's "A Universe Without Time" - A Deeper Look


This section expands the above summary, with additional information and ideas. If you're satisfied with the short summary, scroll down to the next section below.


Julian Barbour's amazing research show that intervals of time do not pre-exist but are created by what the universe does. Up until recent developments, relative time was found “by the means of motion,” which as he demonstrates to be purely an abstraction. Time is not an absolute or an independent constant of the universe.


For those of you who are interested taking a closer look at Julian Barbour's ground breaking ideas, please take a look at his book, "The End of Time." If you consider yourself an amateur physicist, see Julian Barbour's original essay entitled, "The Nature of Time," or his outstanding work, "Shape Dynamics." which addresses some of the problems facing theoretical physicists in the areas of quantum gravity and Einstein's theory of General Relativity.


The most important aspects of Barbour's breakthrough research presents the idea that time, as an independent and absolute force in the universe, simply does not exist.


Our current concept of time originated from the idea that it was possible to measure celestial phenomenon and their reoccurrences. Being able to determine the duration between events with the ability to predict when a coming event would take place created the concept of both a clock and ephemeris time1 . As these ideas were explored, the distinction between two types of clocks became apparent: natural clocks and man-made clocks. Scientific mind's quickly realized that a isolated clock was useless unless it could "march in step" with other clocks. But which clock should be the master clock that all clocks marched in step with? This lead to the assumption that the heavens themselves were a natural clock. Between Kepler and Newton, it was agreed upon that the movement of celestial bodies would be used to determine absolute time. What is inferred by the idea of "absolute time" is the idea that all celestial bodies march in step with all other celestial movements. For then, they march in step but merely take larger steps like the tips of ticking second hands of unequal lengths. This understanding, along with some verifying math equations that accounted for proportional increases in both kinetic and potential energies, set the stage for confirming that time was an independent concept.


For millennia no one was asking the correct questions: "Is a second today the same as a second yesterday?" "What is a clock?"  "Is there a natural or universal clock that could be relied on as an absolute or master clock?" "If time and motion are possible illusions, what does this imply about the recent marriage of time and space?" The answers to these questions have seldom been addressed at a sufficiently foundational level until now.


Scientific minds since Newton have approached this subject by determining that motion and time are related. But a major question that has never fully been explored is this: "Does motion march in step with time, where time is a pre-condition of motion, or does motion give rise to the illusion of time as a way to comprehend how the phenomenon of motion can be understood?" Perhaps both time and motion are illusions?


Julian Barbour successfully points out there have always been flaws in the current concepts of measuring time from motion, simply because everything is in relative motion and everything is interconnected. He successfully proves that the only accurate way to measure time is through multiple and perfect snapshots of whole Universe, and then to compare that with an identical universe.


What he presents as a new "Timeless Principle of Least Action" sheds a powerful new light on some of the major problems that have faced theoretical physics in the past. This is an extremely exciting breakthrough as you'll see when we take a deeper look at timelessness. In his research paper entitled, "Shape Dynamics," Barbour presents that the universe is completely based on geometry, and that what we see as motion is the difference between one geometric configuration and the next geometric configuration. Barbour goes on to introduce the concept of time capsules. According to this new concept we are experiencing snapshots or configurations in the Now, which have a history or past configuration, but motion and time simply don't exist in the world of physics. Time may exist socially and practically, but only as an illusion.


Barbour demonstrates that what we all see as motion is really a change in the configuration of bodies, things, or particles. Each change is merely the difference in the history of a configuration. A configuration or snapshot is simply the relative position of what is being considered. It's holistic in nature and implies a relationship to the larger configuration it is a part of. It is only through the difference in the configuration of things that we know that change has occurred. Time is no longer the keeper of change. Duration is subject to the awareness of how a configuration is different. Since motion is relative only to what else is in relative motion, time can not be a universal constant. What we are left with is a universe without time. 

"The Timeless Principle of Least Action" is that the new position of a configuration occurs with the minimal movement necessary to achieve the next stable configuration. Configurations always exist in geometric shapes which give them stability. This gives rise to sacred geometry and is part of a larger topic that won’t be discussed here. What is worthy noting is that the apparent flow of motion is also an illusion. Our brains simply fill in the gaps as we move form stable configuration to stable configuration.


We are living in a universe of constantly changing configurations, but no time. Clocks are completely artificial, since the only natural clock is the universe as a whole. No matter how useful they are in keeping appointments, they support the biggest illusion we have ever faced as a culture. 


What Does This Mean For You?


What are the implications for your life if, in fact, the flow of time and motion are both illusions? This idea seems initially impossible. Without motion and time it appears that nothing happens. To understand these difficult concepts of time and the illusion of time, we will consider the processes of Being versus becoming .


Becoming can be thought of as the process of coming-to-be something, or of passing into a state that is suitable, decent, appropriate, due, or befitting. Too often, this idea of becoming is bred into our consciousness with an accompanying air of failure. As if we haven't reached our "becoming" end-state of accomplishment. The very premise that one is "becoming" denotes certain failure. Why haven't I become what others expect of me? Have you ever met someone who has completely "Become?" Becoming implies a perfect state of completion where one has become all there is to become and only at this point is there reason to feel complete. The idea that there is "no becoming" holds a beauty and profound truth that our expanding consciousness can appreciate.


On the other hand, let's consider for a moment the concept of "Being." To Be who you truly are is really quite beautiful. By Being we simply awaken to our own universal nature. We participate as a part of the harmony of heavens and the music of the spheres. We take our place in the cosmic symphony as part of the song, our song of Beingness, and we realize the beauty of our own essence in unity with cosmic harmonics. This is a beautiful song of joy and bliss that we are all a part of. We awaken to what it means to part of the sacred geometry of the universe and we experience Unity, based on our individual contribution of song and eternal relatedness.


When we follow our impulse to Be, we reclaim our power, which is always in the moment. I am reminded of what Tolstoy said,


"There is only one time that is important -- NOW! It is the most important time because it is the only time that we have any power." Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)


Perhaps it's time finally to feel the power of our own Being. Tolstoy was spot on with his assertion that power is in the moment. Our power lies in embodying the full essence of our soul and expressing our fullness of Being. When we release our attachment to linear time and striving to "become" something in the future, then in the Big Picture, we begin to  "march in step" with the only natural clock there is, the entire universe as a whole. This is such a powerful concept. This leads us to the next powerful realization, which is to realize that our own actions contribute to the over all configuration of  the Universe. You and I are truly creating relatedness as part of our universal structure of  Being. Our power is in the Now, as we continually re-configure ourselves in attunement to cosmic form and Beingness.


In the potential of the Lunar Eclipse, I suddenly see a new reality emerging, likened to music. Music speaks to the depth of the soul, stirring, opening, communicating feelings of joy and connection to the rhythms of changing tempo and frequency.  Music is music because of the changing configuration of rhythm and frequency. Could it be that the changing configurations of the Universe are the purest form of music there is? This is the "Music of the Spheres," communicating and expressing how alive and vibrant the universe feels, continually encouraging, stirring, inspiring all who listen. Listening with all of our senses we are inspired to be part of this sacred song through conscious participation.




The impulse to Be is being activated by this Lunar Eclipse Portal, allowing us to release old imprinted patterns attached to future expectations and striving to Become something we fear we are not.  In other words, the concept of "The End of Time" initiated with this Lunar Eclipse suggests the opportunity for a fuller experience of the present Now, embracing creativity and participation with the cosmic song, leading to greater Beingness.  It's time to dance to the Music of the Spheres!


How To Maximize This Opportunity


The Lunar Eclipse Portal is an activating portal allowing you to expand your experience of Being and your ability to live in the present moment, the Now. The portal opens at 4:50 AM and closes at 8:22 AM on the morning of December 10th, 2011.


The portal will remain open for a total of 3hr 32m with the greatest or central Eclipse occurring at 6:36 AM. Please remember this portal is a shift in consciousness that is permanent. The opportunity represented is indefinite and correlates to an ongoing new phase of our evolution. Feel free to revisit these ideas over the weeks and months to come.


Here are some suggestions for maximizing your personal opportunity during the Eclipse:


  • During the 3hr 32m Eclipse, find 15 minutes to sit quietly to contemplate the difference between Being and Becoming.
  • Feel how the concept of Being exists in the moment and creates a sense of power, and how Becoming is full of expectations and a future which never arrives.
  • Feel how your sense of power is awakened when you know that your every action creates a new snapshot of the Universe;
  • See yourself participating in a Universe of relationships and harmonic patterns and sacred geometric forms.
  • Feel your own Being awakening to a cosmic dance, to a universal song of relatedness and joy. Feel your own creative spirit deeply listening and participating in this sacred song.


Special Meditation: Timelessness


After spending 15 minutes in the above contemplation, spend 5 minutes in a new type of meditation. Allow your consciousness to rise to the very top of your head, where your crown meets the Universe. Imagine that your consciousness is moving at exactly the same rate as the Universe. As you do this an amazing experience will occur. Everything will seem to stop and you will not feel the Universe moving at all. This may be your first true experience of timelessness. Just as two cars traveling at the same speed seem to be stationary, your consciousness will be in sync with cosmic consciousness. Instead of experiencing change or movement, everything is still because you're only feeling the joy and bliss that is creatively changing the Universal configurations. You're feeling the music of the Universe. You are experiencing the Impulse to Be.

Footnote: (1) Ephemeris time is the calculations of predictive points in which celestial  bodies will occupy at given intervals or by schedule. 

• A Perfect Celebration - Nov 24 New MOON

posted Nov 22, 2011, 8:14 AM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Dec 21, 2011, 9:23 AM ]

A Perfect Celebration

November New MOON, on Thanksgiving Day at 10:10 PM PST



There is a unique opportunity this week with the New MOON falling on Thanksgiving Day. What is absolutely fascinating, is the New MOON energies are suggesting a need for fun, recharging, and a natural release of energies. This cosmic cycle is in perfect alignment with our holiday weekend so that we can take full advantage of this time off from our normal routine.


There are two distinct ways in which the current energies can be manifesting in your life.


Some of you are experiencing a period in life where you know exactly your role in life's drama. You are feeling energized and ready for what is just ahead. Even though you may not know the particulars, you know that you are positioned where you need to be to participate in any future endeavors.


Others of you are having trouble distinguishing exactly what your next move should be,  what choices need to be made, or what next project you should take on. You have a  sense, or feeling, that your personal expansion in the world isn’t where it needs to be. You may be feeling conflicted as to what to do, or even how you should feel about life.


Regardless of your specific experience, it's time to take a deep breath, and give a moment of appreciation. It's time for a needed break for a short period of rest to recharge and integrate. The New MOON impulse is emphasizing that we need to take this time to incorporate a more subtle means of adapting to the stresses of life.


Accelerated Growth


There has been a considerable amount of talk as of late about accelerated growth. Sages, mystics, and light-workers around the world have been discussing this topic. Some are saying that the acceleration has stopped, others say that this is only the beginning.


From an astrological point of view*, I am seeing an extremely interesting pattern. It  appears that we are all on the verge of experiencing a large shift in awareness. Because we are at the edge of it, so to speak, people are experiencing the preliminary energy patterns in different ways, and understandably so. Some are experiencing integration and some are experiencing dis-integration, as mentioned above.


I believe this shift represents new higher mental forms that haven't been seen before. The planet Neptune is symbolizing a process where there is a new internal matrix, or operational structure, being energetically woven. This matrix is at the level of the higher mind and will help you connect with spirit more directly than ever before.


The astrological patterns of this New MOON suggest that this new matrix will support the ability to share ideas based on "universal principles." This appears to be a new ability that hasn't yet been witnessed and will operate at the group level of consciousness, shared with others who have experienced this shift.


A Necessary Break in the Action


Our current New MOON is setting the universal intention that the next phase of growth which is now being released, is "yin in nature" and requires a more passive form of growth. This is passive in the sense that "growth" is through the "letting go" of life's intensities.


What this means for you is that it is time to "let loose" and relax, time to put life on hold, and to celebrate. What a perfect New MOON gift for Thanksgiving Day!


There is truly an amazing synchronicity associated with this New MOON. Our need for a necessary break in the action is corresponding with a 4-day Thanksgiving Weekend. Appreciation for this opportunity to recharge, as Lunar activities align with cultural activities, is truly a blessing. Thankfulness abounds! 


A Subtle Change


What's integrating in our psyche through the "letting go process" is the internal use of what is called, "creative freedom." Creative freedom in this sense, means to actively engage in activities that represent the "letting go" of the hectic-ness of life and the associated tensions. A subtle change is needed to incorporate this idea. Combining creative freedom and letting go, with the idea of celebrating, seems like a good match.


Whether tensions are from conflict, or from the "over exhilaration" of energizing your own life's path, taking a break and "letting go" is the perfect solution. Letting go through celebration and fun is the perfect active way to engage in this type of creative freedom. This "active way" suggests a little discipline may be needed to "really" take a break, versus just engaging in some tension-producing fun.



New MOON Ideas for Thanksgiving


  • Take a break to experience a little freedom and expansion in your inner world.
  • Hold appreciation for your celebration opportunity, along with the amazing synchronicity of the Thanksgiving Day New MOON.
  • Hold your awareness, over the holiday weekend, on the idea that growth occurs in unexpected ways. Sometimes growth only happens while "letting loose" though the release of natural energies, fun, and celebration.
  • Take a moment to contemplate on the various types of "creative freedom" activities that resonate with you. Feel the freedom needed to engage in them, even if it requires a little effort.
  • Remind yourself, each of the next 4-days, that this is a temporary break in the action. The productive opportunity is in the awareness of the coming shift. Integrating subtle changes in your consciousness is the type of inner growth needed to move forward. 


New MOON Summary


The amazing synchronicity of the New MOON occurring on Thanksgiving Day is supporting a large shift in consciousness which requires you to "let go," and actively relax, and to celebrate.


Whether life is going great, or you're experiencing a period of struggle, it's time for a break in the action.  It is time for a celebration to recharge and integrate all the changes that are taking place in your consciousness.


Incorporating a little "creative freedom" in your life over the holiday weekend is exactly the New MOON impulse that is needed to continue to growth in life, light and love.


Blessings and Light abundant,

Steven Shroyer



*Footnote - For students of astrology, please take a deeper look at the astrological considerations in the expanded sidebar section of this article, titled: "New MOON Astrology Patterns." 

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New MOON Astrology Patterns

Nov New MOON
From an astrological point of view, Neptune's position in the solar system symbolizes a radical transformation which is occurring. One might even refer to it as a type of metamorphosis which is accelerating and expanding our consciousness in ways that nobody can fully understand until after the process has been stabilized. It represents a new access to ideas and universal principles that our consciousness can expand into.

It also represents an ability to participate with others in this higher form of consciousness in ways that have never been possible before. This degree of acceleration has never before been witnessed and is new to all of us. What Neptune is symbolizing is the actual formation of a new internal matrix, or operational structure, so that individuals can share within a larger group this same expansion of consciousness that others are experiencing.

The planet Mars is in a position to initiate "what's next" for you, but only after a short period of self-imposed patience and rest. Action needs to be delayed in order to integrate some of the subtleties of this new level of consciousness available to us. The patience which Mars requires can easily be in the form of a holiday celebration. The Martian need "to initiate" is perfect for initiating a party, a celebration, and a time to creatively let off a little steam, but it's not suited for making major life decisions. It's an appropriate time to initiate your appreciation of all the past struggles and victories that continuously remind you of why you need to move forward in life and towards a new expansion of consciousness.

The accent placed on the Sun and MOON conjunction is called 3° SAGITTARIUS. It suggests that there is a distribution of mental energies at the apex of a T-square between Neptune and Mars. The expansion and abstraction that SAGITTARIUS brings together is emphasized in the VIRGO/PISCES axis. Therefore, the technique of going inward (the yin aspect of VIRGO/PISCES) is a key issue in unlocking the meaning of this New MOON.

To narrow down the integrating (the Solar purpose) function, and new impulse, the New MOON is releasing, we need not look any further than the deeper meaning of the first 5° sector of SAGITTARIUS.

The first 5° represent a shift towards idealism. This is an abstract shift in which the resolving of conflicts and struggles is necessary in the expansion towards cooperation.

SAGITTARIUS, as an archetype, can see the gamesmanship in conflict. As a result, the ritualistic perspective of battle (or conflict) is seen as if two men are play chess and the battling of the chess pieces is transcended and understood as the cosmic interplay of day and night. (This is a Sabian symbol.) If the ego can be represented as a chess board king, the king is checkmated ritualistically whether it is the white king or the black king. Taking the ego out conflict and struggle is part of the inward path of transcendence.

As a result, the level of cooperation achieved is through a subtle form of creative freedom. As the ego "let's go" of its rigid idea of black and white reality, the higher mind has the inner freedom to "creatively express spirit" as the playfulness of opposite forces.

• Seeing Through the "Halloween Veil of 2011"

posted Oct 25, 2011, 8:28 AM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Dec 23, 2011, 9:09 AM ]

New MOON, Wed Oct 26th, 12:56 PM PDT


The November New MOON is presenting an opportunity to penetrate the thin barrier separating two of our basic realities. Five days before Halloween the veil between the spiritual realm of Spirit, and the physical realm of Earth, will be extremely thin. This Esoteric Journal article explores what the thinning of this veil means for you and how you can take advantage of this opportunity.


Samhain, the old Halloween


On the traditional Wiccan/Pagan holiday of Samhain, it is thought that the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. As a result, communication with the dead is thought to be the easiest at this time of the year. Samhain, through time, has eventually changed into what is commonly known as Halloween. This idea of a thinning veil is an important concept to understanding the energies of this month's New MOON.


How thin is the Halloween Veil?


The veil between the spiritual realm and the physical realm is naturally thin at this time of year. This is due to the relationship of the natural cycles between the seasons. The shift in the seasonal energies naturally occurred first at the fall equinox. During this time of year, the fall and winter energies have just overtaken the spring and summer season and are growing in strength. As the momentum of the fall season continues to build and summer is forced to release its hold on nature, a rift occurs. Summer is reluctant to release it's hold, and as a result our consciousness is pulled in two separate directions. We experience this pulling apart as a  rift in our awareness and as a result we have access to more streams of consciousness than at any other time of the year. When we feel this natural pulling of awareness occurring, our consciousness experiences a thinning of the veil between the spiritual realm and physical realm.


This phenomenon occurs every year, however our current astrological patterns are unique in that we have a extra thinning of this veil occurring at the current New MOON. This is over and above the naturally thinning of the veil at this time of year. This is a huge opportunity for those who can fully understand what is really occurring in our consciousness. Right now, the veil is so thin that it is important to full understand how it might impact you and what you can do to take advantage of this special time.



Which side is up?


We are in the middle a two week period of  possible fuzziness in our consciousness. This started a week ago at the last quarter MOON and will continue for approximately 7 days until our next first quarter MOON on Nov 2nd. It's fuzzy in the sense that you are feeling an extra sensitivity to realms that your consciousness doesn’t normally have access to. Let me explain with an example. If you were to walk into a room full of people all talking at once, you might find it difficult to understand all the conversations at the same time. However, if you realized you had the ability to choose, you could focus your attention and pick and choose which in which conversations you would like to participate.


In the context of the energies we are currently experiencing, reality can feel quite fuzzy and overwhelming. The veil between realities is extremely thin. There is a lot more going on than our conscious awareness is used to processing. You may be experiencing a time of un-clarity and confusion, or this could be a time when you are experiencing extra help from spiritual realms as your ability to access information is occurring at an extraordinary high level. You have access to spiritual messages from your higher self, your guides or ancestors in ways you are not used to and this can be quite disorienting. You may be accessing the higher realms so easily that you may be experiencing message overlap and confusion, as information and messages become mixed up with each other. The veil is so thin that messages from multiple sources can be difficult to distinguish and to separate from each other. With a  few minor adjustments, however, we can easily know "which side is up" and take advantage of this special time.


Our New MOON is Anchoring Special Guidance


This New MOON is the time set into motion and fully bring to consciousness your special guidance from ancestors, your higher self, spiritual guides, mystical realms of knowledge, or the planetary mind of pure light. Whatever your source, this is the time to receive and set your intentions for moving forward in life with a new perspective and wisdom.


Practical Tools for Taking Advantage of the "Halloween Veil of 2011"


The veil is thinner than anything we are used to experiencing. Keep in mind, that although this is a powerful time for those who understand the significance of the Halloween veil, it is potentially quite confusing even for very advanced individuals who are usually quite adept at navigating spiritual realms. Once again, the difficulty lies in the overwhelming amount of help and information available. This is especially true when we don't have any practical practice with what we are all experiencing. In a very real sense, this is a reality we all have hoped for, as a part of acceleration of frequencies on the planet. As of yet we have don't have enough experience with the practical complications such a reality may present. This is our chance to test out our ability to navigate  a new awareness which may be just around the corner for all of us. Here are some practical tips and exercises for taking advantage of the New MOON occurring at such an auspicious time.


  • This is a time to use your  grounding tools and focusing techniques  to help you access a new level of clarity. The goal is to receive with clarity, not quantity. The challenge is too much quantity of energy and information, so narrowing your focus is now required.
  • At any time before the New MOON (Wed 12:56pm) sit and practice receiving one message at a time. Receive with patience to allow the whole message to settle in your consciousness.
  • If you have special crystals you use for focus or grounding, it will be very helpful to enlist their support for your meditations. If you're not sure which crystals to use, sit with them one by one to feel which ones help you ground and focus your consciousness.
  • After the New MOON, and extending through the first quarter MOON on Nov 2nd, the messages will change. The focus will turn to sharing what you have received with others and turning the messages to action. At this time you can ask to receive guidance and messages of clarity about what you are to share with others, and the forms of action. (By action I mean new activities you need to initiate.)


New MOON Summary


We are in the middle of the special 14-day window of the "Halloween Veil of 2011." This window is an extra thinning of the veil between the spiritual and physical realms. The thin veil offers a huge opportunity, but represents the practical challenge of what it actually means to have greater access to spiritual realms. This may be experienced as an over whelming amount of information that even for the most intuitively adept can result in a period of fuzziness and confusion.

• Support to Vision Your Future - Oct 11 Full MOON

posted Oct 11, 2011, 2:24 PM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Dec 23, 2011, 9:17 AM ]

A Full MOON Push Against Inequality

Full MOON on Oct 11th at 7:06 PM PDT


This Full MOON journal article discusses what we are all feeling as we enter into a new phase of global awareness. This is an awareness of our potential future and the opportunity to create a more balanced society. An extremely interesting astrological pattern has emerged with our current Full MOON that supports this overriding and long term process. Two distinct patterns are in operation.


  • The first pattern correlates to the momentum and acceleration we are currently experiencing as part of the planetary evolution.
  • The second pattern correlates to a massive polarization in consciousness. This is manifesting as increasing conflict among world religions, economic powers, social classes, ideas of right and wrong. We see this also in protests over a disproportionate balance of wealth and privilege, leading to the current Occupy Wall Street movement.


To understand the significance of the current Full MOON, we need to return to the 2009 Winter Solstice, when a great cycle of 162 years began. This cycle involves Jupiter and Uranus and represents an expanding social awareness, including a new openness to metaphysical ideas. In my opinion, this is one of the most significant astrological events in our lifetime. This cycle, which has initiated new evolutionary possibilities, will naturally and necessarily create various types of social crises and polarization before this new openness is accepted and integrated into all aspects of our culture.


This month's Full MOON is sitting at the midpoint of these two powerful planets and thus supports this evolutionary process of openness and spiritual expansion.* The MOON is creating a new opportunities to counteract polarization by allowing for new perspectives. (See end of article footnote or click on chart for more explanation of the powerful patterns supporting the FULL MOON.)

Excess Momentum


The acceleration of consciousness has momentum associated with it. The amount of momentum currently being generated is exceeding our natural ability to release it. The momentum you are experiencing can be felt in two very distinct and extreme ways. You may be feeling like you are flying, out of control, through time and space toward a future that is unknown and uncertain. On the other hand, you may be experiencing a stability and a steadiness, yet the whole world is rushing by at a speed too quick to enable you to clearly focus on what is passing.


Both perspectives are the result of an acceleration and momentum. Both may leave you feeling unfocused or fearful surrounding future outcomes. It is precisely these two extremes in momentum that are fueling a natural polarization in consciousness.


What is Polarization


When two opposite alternatives are present and we don't have the perceptions necessary to reconcile them, then it's natural to side with one alternative over the other. In this way we polarize, or shift, to one of the extremes.


Class Privilege vs. Mutual Respect and Worth


One current polarizing dynamic in the world is the "inequity of class privileges." This dynamic is underlying the Occupy Wall Street Movement. The polarizing vision is of a future built on class privileges and increasing elitism, or a future of mutual respect and personal worth as a foundation for an expanding culture. 


It is important to realize that this issue will be a recurring theme through out the entire Jupiter-Uranus cycle of 162 years. This is not a short term conflict! This Full MOON, however, presents an important opportunity to release some of this building energy and perhaps avoid a major cultural collapse at some critical point. We each have the opportunity to individually release some of the extra momentum and energy, by embracing an expanded perspective of cooperation with all humankind.


Future-Oriented Imagination


The way in which we embrace a new perspective of cooperation can be accomplished through a technique called Future-Oriented Imagination. The current cosmic frequencies (astrological symbols and planetary alignments) support our ability to embrace the future. There is a high value to be placed on the eager anticipation of unexpected future events and conditions. These are future events that we can feel, but as of yet, are unable to clearly see. The polarized frequency of eager anticipation is fear. By holding to your eager feeling of what is to come you are providing an antidote to pervasive social fear.


Here are a few techniques and ideas that will help you develop new abilities and perspectives to address the issues of polarizing consciousness, excessive momentum and energy, and the anticipation of a future that can be felt, but not clearly seen. 


  • Spend 10 minutes around the Full MOON and in days to come sitting quietly, with a conscious openness to higher inspiration and perspectives as you feel the expansion of what's ahead, but yet unseen.
  • Use your imagination to look into the past and "see" what has and hasn't worked and then project this awareness into the future.
  • Engage the use of the mental fly-over where your mind is unattached and able to fly high. Look down with a creative imagination on your own life and gain a new perspective of your current situation.
  • Practice seeing your own perceptions through the lens of humor and release old ideas of right and wrong, as a way to gain a new more holistic perspective.


Does your future have the ability to inspire you without fear and apprehension of unknown outcomes? Polarizing ideas and one sided thinking don't provide the inspiration needed to guide us into an unknown future. What is needed are new perspectives that create a shift toward the spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.




The Oct 11th Full MOON is activated by Jupiter and represents the preparation necessary for what is coming in the future.  A sense of rapid acceleration, coupled with a sense of unfairness in society, represent our shifting awareness of how to prepare for the future. What is needed are new symbols to anchor your access to universal wisdom, which will help to create a foundation for moving forward. New perspectives, combined with humor and healthy detachment, allow us to experience inspiration rather than fear, and gracefully move into the future.


Footnote: There are unusual geometric symmetries in this month's FULL MOON chart. The moon is mid-point between Jupiter and Uranus. Directly opposing is a 4 planet stellium (group of planets) in Libra. The stellium is providing new symbols and skills to support the future expansion we are beginning to feel but can't see. In addition, Pluto and Mars are ideally positioned for creative activity supporting a radical change in the status quo. Click on the chart icon at the top of the article for a larger view.


Steven Shroyer is a world class esoteric astrologer. He would love to help you develop individualized tools and skills to help you during this time of increased momentum and planetary acceleration. Steve's gift is to bring clarity to your life path and the essence of your purpose. He's gifted with an ability to read past life's and will help you understand and trust your unique intuitive gifts and abilities.

• The Brotherhood and Sisterhood at the Western Gate - Sep 27

posted Sep 25, 2011, 9:39 PM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Dec 23, 2011, 9:26 AM ]

New MOON on Tuesday, Sept 27th at 4:09 AM PDT


Tuesday's New MOON comes only 4 days after the Fall Equinox (known as "The Western Gate" in esoteric thought). This current New MOON presents you with a wonderful opportunity to feel a deeper connection to the Universe and all of humankind. Summer is the season for personal growth and expansion; while Winter is the season for letting go of personal results, as we participate as a member of something larger than our personal achievements. The Fall Equinox is the bridge between the two when the energies shift in dramatic fashion. As we leave Summer and enter Fall we expand our awareness of community and begin to feel our sense of belonging to something greater.


The Esoteric Western Gate of Autumn


At the eternal and symbolic west, where the SUN forever sets, there lies the promise for a transcendental life and your participation in a greater realm of experience. As daylight fades into the translucent ecstasy of autumn's dusk, out of the darkness, one by one, the STARS begin to emerge. Through this Western Gate of the autumn night, you can see the pageant of the constellations beginning to dance with delight. The dominance of the one SUN is forgotten as the wonder of Celestial communion shines and the myriads of STARS appear. The one has died into the many. This type of death is really an important revelation. This revelation, where the one becomes part of the many,  is the mystery of the Fall Equinox.


Witnessing the autumn sunset and the emergence of the first stars, as you feel your personal connection from the one to the many, an inner initiation is suddenly felt. You are no longer alone as the heavenly brotherhood and sisterhood begin to shine in your consciousness and you feel an inner connection to something greater. (see footnote below)


Initiation into the Brotherhood of the Autumn Season


The Fall Equinox represents your deeper connection with community and through an inner extension, the brotherhood and sisterhood of the universe.


If the one SUN can be experienced as the higher Self (in esoteric terms), initiation occurs through the realization of an expanded awareness into your inexpressible communion with many Suns, the stars, the brotherhood of the Celestials. Your mind expands as the overwhelming power of the one light grows with certainty as your being takes its place among the multitudes of radiant centers of light. Your connection with the one SUN by the light of day, turns into the overwhelming feeling of communion with the celestial host by the light of night. This is the mystery of Summer's transition into Fall. This is also the deeper meaning of the mysterious relationship of day becoming the night.



The New MOON: Expanding Cooperation


The overwhelming theme of this New MOON is in your participation and cooperation with your sense of community and a greater realm of experience. This is a time for a deep connection with others with whom you want to work in an expanded sense of cooperation. The new impulse now represented by the New MOON contains your unique contribution and knowledge of a "new world" which you envision could be built. This  "new world" is a world where cooperation and brotherhood replace class wars and social unfairness. This is a world where you, as an individual, can participate in a greater life that equally gives back to you. The paradox, and the Fall Equinox mystery, is in the idea that the larger realm, and the greater Whole, can work through you as an agent of celestial order and cosmic unity. An inner sense of unity is felt as you take your rightful position as a member of the celestial brotherhood and sisterhood.


New MOON Activities


This is the season to renew old friendships and relationships that mean the most to you. As you expand your awareness into the greater brotherhood of light, or simply expand your feeling of a greater sense of community, consider these suggestions and ideas that are supportive of our current Lunar energies:


  • Connect or reconnect with the most important people in your life.
  • Consider collaborating in new ways, or in an expanded way, with the people you respect the most.
  • Join a group that has an altruist perspective.
  • If an upcoming evening has clear skies, sit facing the west at sunset. As dusk turns to night, watch the stars appear, one by one. See the one SUN turn to many. Feel your place in the brotherhood and sisterhood of the universe.


New Moon Summary


This month's New MOON is working to reinforce the Fall Equinox theme of expanding your awareness, through your participation in community and a sense of working within an awareness of a greater reality.


Footnote: For readability, brotherhood and sisterhood are synonymous and implied even if only the term brotherhood is mentioned. "Brotherhood," in terms of this article, is considered genderless and represents a deeply felt connection that is brotherly or sisterly in origin.


• The Harvest MOON - Sep 12

posted Sep 9, 2011, 5:04 PM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Dec 23, 2011, 9:50 AM ]

Full MOON on Monday, Sept 12th, 2:27 AM PDT


In the past, the harvest MOON has always been a symbol of the plentitude of life. In Esoteric terms the harvest MOON represents the fullness and realization of your psychic gifts. Each one of us has at least one psychic gift, even if we don't know exactly what it is or how to effectively use it. (The most general definition for my use of the word "psychic" is to refer to all non-physical energies. For more explanation please see the footnote.)


What this coming Full MOON is holding for you can be symbolized by a picture of a table set for an evening meal. Immediately, questions come to mind. "For whom is the table set?" "Is the table full of bountiful food and drink, or bareness and unappealing leftovers?" If the meal is in celebration of the harvest, "Is the bounty of the harvest full and fruitful, or lean and parse?"


A Time for Celebration


The harvest MOON is certainly a great time for celebration, but in Esoteric terms, as the harvest of your destiny and purpose, it is also a time for soul nourishment, personal satisfaction, and fulfillment. The harvest MOON is full because it is in opposition to the SUN. The SUN on this day reveals a specific quality of Virgoan light. This quality of light illuminates your path forward from a past that was left behind. Now it's time for you to journey with the others (who are symbolically seated at the table), in both cooperation and in destiny. It's time to celebrate through a linking of consciousness with those with whom you are journeying, and a time to receive psychic nourishment as you enter into the next season of new experiences.


The Psychic Gift of Soul Nourishment


How does the Harvest MOON relate to your psychic gifts? This is a PISCES Full MOON, encouraging your participation in soul nourishment. It is activated by a VIRGO SUN, known for its skilled and subtle use of psychic energies. Soul nourishment is ultimately a psychic process. Most individuals use their psychic gifts in an unconscious way, in other words, most of us are unconscious about how we use non-physical energies to nourish our soul. This is the perfect season to explore this question. During this full MOON, I encourage you to celebrate with friends over a festive evening meal and reflect what you each do to nourish your soul.


Celebrating the Harvest MOON


The prime energies of the harvest MOON span a few evenings. If you decide to create a simple celebration meal with friends, it's ideal to do this on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday evening.


My wish is that your Harvest MOON's evening table is bountiful and nourishing to your soul. May your feast  be shared with those with whom you journey, and focused toward your destiny and purpose.


If you are interested in connecting more deeply with your destiny and life's purpose, or you would like to discover what your psychic gifts are, or the tools to more effectively trust and use them, please contact me for a reading. My specialty involves helping people understand their life path and purpose. I would be honored to help you to discover your intuitive or psychic gifts and how to use them in a conscious way.


What does the term PSYCHIC mean?


When used in Esoteric thought, the word "psychic" describes either a quality of energy or a specific type of realm or field.  Psychic, refers to all non-physical energies or fields that are active, dynamic, and related to subtle realms of life which are currently outside the sphere of physical science. In fact, the very nature of life itself is considered psychic;  life force, prana, chi, and auras are all considered different types of structured psychic (energetic) forms of life.


There are various psychic realms, and various psychic energies which contain information that can be accessed through feelings, emotions, clairvoyance, clairaudience, or intuitive thought. These realms are largely unconscious until we develop awareness and perception of their existence. One becomes aware of this type of psychic information as it moves across the threshold of unconscious to conscious. The recognition and awareness of what is moving across this threshold is referred to as intuitive information or intuitive thought.


• Lunar Ecstasy or Divine Consciousness - Aug 28 New MOON

posted Sep 9, 2011, 10:46 AM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Dec 22, 2011, 6:36 PM ]

New MOON on Sunday, Aug 28th at 8:04 PM PDT


Sunday's new MOON is rare indeed. When a new MOON is in opposition to the planet NEPTUNE, anything is possible! At 8:04 PM on Sunday, NEPTUNE has an opportunity to play a significant new role in your life through your participation with these new MOON energies.


NEPTUNE Master of Ecstasy


The last several lunation cycles have been loosening the Saturnian grip of the ego and the inertia of static traditions. As you move past the limitations of what is known you enter the Neptunian realm of the unknown. This is a world of fluidity and scintillating lights, where new perceptions dance in your consciousness with strange, but pleasing delight. This is the realm of ecstasy, holding glamour and deceiving phantasms for some, and mystical revelations in sublime proportion for others.


The entrance to the Neptunian realm is through a thirst for what is beyond what you currently have. This is a quest which makes you leave the known world of your birth. It takes you beyond the limitations and traditions of your inner and outer environment, as you search for something more. Something more universal, more extensive and stimulating, more permanent and free.


Ecstasy, in this Neptunian realm, follows in two directions. One path leads to the Divine, the other leads to gold and wealth. The Divine and gold are both the universal givers of ecstasy. One is a quest for the Universal Divine beyond all tribal gods, the other a quest for the bestower of gold and a wealth which can be used anywhere and be transformed into anything. This is a wealth that opens all doors in society and summons at will the glamour of countless pleasures, dreams, and intoxicating experiences. Both of these quests for ecstasy have their place as dissolvers of boundaries. The ecstasy that flows from the Divine is food for the sages, poets, mystics, musicians, and anyone who feel spirit moving in a transcendental way. The ecstasies which gold buys often lead from glamour to glamour, and dream to dream, until its intoxications blur the path back to reality.


Either quest for ecstasy has its value, and also the potential for intoxication. Both forms work as a "solvent" to dissolve what is known and what is limiting. From the stand point of the individual this represents the end of a journey. This is a journey where individualism ends and universalism begins. The journey appears to end, but the individual stream is only flowing into the universal sea. It is, in fact, a new beginning into something more. The experience of ecstasy is the expanding of consciousness into something larger, and the freedom that comes with this new awareness.


New MOON — Mastery of Intensity


This new MOON summons the skill and mastery that is lying dormant in you, waiting for the perfect time to come alive. The level of mastery which this new MOON activates is stirred by the countless past efforts, adjustments, and improvements you have diligently performed. As a result of your past hard work a level of skill and mastery are yours and waiting be to used.


Mastery and skill of what? What is waiting is the skillful use and mastery of your vital energies, libido, and psychic energies, which all have cyclic rhythms of intensity. Your nervous system is tied to your consciousness in profound ways. The manner in which you react to these cyclic rhythms provides a necessary emotional function. Emotions supply the intensity to fully integrate any new experience. In this way you begin to master the vitality of your life force. Skillful use of your emotions can help to open the door of ecstasy. The intensity and the full impact of the Neptunian realm needs a level of mastery for your inner poet, mystic, or musician to emerge.


A Vision of your Ecstasy


In Esoteric astrological terms, you have a unique opportunity to come face to face with your Universal Self. This experience is complete with a vision of the ecstasy that will inspire a possible personal metamorphosis into something more extensive, more universal, more mystical, or more free.


With the new MOON in opposition to NEPTUNE, and supported by a powerful vision (grand trine), you have the opportunity to clearly see, maybe for the first time ever, how you might express yourself and use your creative power in the world. This is a vision of expanding yourself  into new realms of understanding your place in the world and your participation in a field of universal cooperation.


New MOON Ceremony


The ideal time for this new MOON ceremony or ritual is in the 12 hour period preceding the 8:04PM new MOON. The focus of this special time is to harness this window of opportunity, where your vital energies are extremely high and your nervous system knows how to intuitively master the intensity of this special event. Here are a few simple suggestions:


  •  Set aside 20 minutes during this special time to fully focus on the intensity of the moment. Set the intention that you are ready to clearly see an expanded vision of yourself.
  • Light a candle as a symbol of the illumination that is available to you. Spend 5 minutes breathing quietly with your full attention on the flame of the candle. Then stare directly at the candle for 60 seconds and close your eyes for 10-15 seconds. Watch the lingering image in your mind's eye.
  • Repeat this sequence of staring at the candle and then closing your eyes  5 or 6 times. Each time you close your eyes,  focus on the image that the candle is making on your interior screen as it fades away.
  • The last time you close your eyes feel yourself floating and dancing within the flickering image. Allow yourself to drift into new realms of perception and ecstasy.
  • For the remainder of your time ponder your individual life flowing into the sea of the Universal. Allow the glamour that covers up all that is clearly defined fade into the golden and iridescent mist of pure freedom.
  • See yourself in the prenatal stage of a new life. This is a life of consciousness, a life which partakes in a more universal rhythm, which knows itself as a participant in an order of being that transcends a narrow and limited selfhood.
  • Feel yourself as the embryonic growth within the Great Mother of Universal Compassion, as a true and responsible citizen of the world, beyond national barriers, tribal superstitions, and the bondage of uncontrolled passion. This is the home of Cosmic Love. Feel the ecstasy of it. See your vision of it.


New Moon Summary


This is a rare and special time to feel the expanded rhythm of your Universal Self, and see a vision of your possible metamorphosis into a true citizen of the world. This new MOON provides the skill and mastery needed to clearly envision that which encompasses a higher and more universal level of existence for you.


• The Threshold of Independence - Jul 30 New MOON

posted Jul 29, 2011, 7:31 PM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Jan 2, 2012, 9:06 PM ]

New Moon in LEO on Saturday, July 30th, 11:40 AM, PDT


This LEO new MOON offers you the opportunity to make some subtle shifts that will give you a greater sense of freedom. At the same time, some situations in your life may be in need of releasing and these may confront you with elements of chaos.


You may even be feeling as if you are sitting on the brink of disaster, but then you realize that disaster has not fallen upon you just yet! With this realization also comes the stark reality that what is knocking at the door is "chaos." Do you open the door and invite chaos in? Or do you retreat in fear, hiding behind the locked door of personal isolation and limitation?


This New MOON article explores the dark realm of the "shadow side of chaos," or the alternative, which is "personal independence."


The Shadow Side of Chaos

Have you ever wondered what the connection is between "order" and "chaos?" It may be appropriate to ask an even more basic question first: "Is chaos ever desirable in a perfect life of order and control?" Throughout time, the "shadow side of chaos" has been feared by all except the heartiest of revolutionary outcasts. But from an Esoteric point of view, the concept of chaos has a deeper function. When chaos appears it may be that it's time to break free from outdated ways that you structure your life. In other words, our habits and sense of order can become so entrenched that chaos must temporarily reign supreme to free up what needs to be re-ordered. Establishing a new order out of even a subtle sense of chaos and disorder results in a greater freedom and independence.


Chaos is a potentially dangerous fiend, fully willing to dismantle anything you allow it. Or, it's a friend willing to create just enough disorder to allow a new sense of order to easily be established. Self-discipline and wisdom is needed to discern which areas of your life need to be dismantled for re-structuring. Remember, the alternative to allowing chaos to do its work is to retreat in isolation and fear of change. The "shadow side of chaos" can then cast its darkness on your inner realm, where personal independence becomes only a shadowy dream. Chaos in its highest form can provide the energy necessary to create balance when an area of your life is out of balance.


The LEO Fuel behind Personal Independence

A well known function of the zodiac archetype of LEO is its inherent "expressive" quality. A lesser known quality is LEO's ability to provide "combustion" that fuels the expression. The area of your life that may appear to be on the brink of chaos is a direct clue as to the nature of what needs to burned as fuel for LEO's ability to fully express itself. In other words, the situation feeling chaotic reveals the quality of fuel necessary for releasing LEO's expression and creativity in your life.


Our new MOON in LEO is a new opportunity to make adjustments, using chaos as a tool for creative independence. Chaos, as a tool, attempts to dismantle the area of your life where  personal independence is being limited. Instead of opening the door and inviting chaos into all areas of your life, you must recognize that chaos has only shown up on your door step to offer its expertise for just enough disorder that an easy and quick re-ordering may occur. Chaos' role is to temporarily replace what once had been a relative amount of order to create a natural release of energy to fuel and empower you to discover a new sense of independence.


Personal independence does not come without a price. The price is that which must combust in order to release the energy needed to restructure what has become disordered through chaos. For example, say an  old car which has become increasingly more expensive to maintain, now breaks beyond repair. The chaos of increased repairs and the new situation of being without a car, changing morning habits and travel routines, has the unexpected result of extra time to read on the bus. Once the adjustment to the new situation is accepted and the old habit released, you find the new bus-to-work lifestyle provides more freedom and a greater sense of ease in starting your day. The release of the car and old morning habits released creative energy and became the fuel for new activities of self-expression. Personal independence is the result of releasing what was impeding your creative spirit.


New Moon Ritual


Give yourself the opportunity to establish a new relationship with healthy chaos with a new MOON ceremony. Set aside 10 minutes sometime during the twelve hours prior to the 11:40 AM New MOON on Saturday. Light a candle, representing the power to release what may be standing in the way of your greater independence. Chaos is waiting to create the space for the freedom you need to fully be who you are meant to be in the world. Ponder any area in your life where chaos may be subtly threatening. Imagine releasing or reordering through small adjustments in your life. By making these adjustments now, you may avoid chaos having too much power in areas that don’t need to be completely dismantled.


New Moon Summary


You have the opportunity to open the door for chaos. Not to invite chaos in to create mayhem in your life, but to give you the necessary fuel to fully express yourself in the world with a greater sense of freedom and independence.

  • Recognize that the "shadow side of chaos" is isolation and fear. It may show up as hanging onto areas that are preventing you from achieving independence and your highest potential.
  • Remember, chaos is a potentially dangerous path, however, used wisely it is a powerful tool to bring your life into a more workable balance.
  • Be aware that the fear of re-structuring may prevent you from higher levels of self-expression and independence.
  • Set aside 10 minutes for a new MOON ceremony and identify the areas in your life that need adjustment, thereby empowering your ability to fully actualize your creativity.
  • Celebrate the creative and expressive power of LEO in your life!


Steve Shroyer is an Esoteric Astrologer, specializing in unlocking your personal and often time’s hidden potential. If you need some specific help in identifying the sources of your "shadow side of chaos," or identifying the areas of your life that are the perfect fuel for greater personal independence, then contact Steve for a life changing reading. Steve does life path and life purpose readings (Cross of Dharma), Gate of Intuition readings, Solar Returns, Relationship, and Business readings.


• A New Awareness Takes Hold - Jul 1 New MOON

posted Jun 29, 2011, 9:21 PM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Dec 22, 2011, 6:27 PM ]

Solar Eclipse and New MOON July 1, 2011 - 1:54 AM PDT


Acceleration of Consciousness


In these exciting and accelerated times, people all over the planet are waking up and participating in new elements of consciousness that previously have not been possible. In the past, these same new energies would have been experienced as difficult or hard situations, rather than opportunities to support and refine the new level of awareness that is currently active on our planet. In my approach to Esoteric Astrology I start from the assumption that this acceleration in consciousness is giving all of us new opportunities. Because of this new level of acceleration, some of the old ways of looking at astrology are no longer appropriate. This is certainly the situation we face with the astrological configuration of the July 1st New MOON and Solar Eclipse. Traditional astrology would view the coming pattern as a time of difficulty, however I see it as a time of opportunity.


This week's New MOON is the half way point of the portal to the future which was activated at the last Full MOON and Lunar Eclipse two weeks ago, and will end in two weeks with the next Full MOON. This current New MOON and Solar Eclipse are introducing new frequencies to help you stabilize and integrate the opportunities introduced during the last Lunar Eclipse. This article will relate how the New MOON energies are supporting the Eclipse portal to the future.


New Levels of Stability - The Grand Square


The July New MOON is introducing a new concept and energy that will help you stabilize what was activated by the June 15th Lunar Eclipse Portal on the Full MOON. The June Lunar Eclipse accessed a portal into the future which allowed for a personal vision or glimpse of future abilities that you can begin to access now. The portal was activated during the actual Eclipse, but the window of opportunity for integration is open for four weeks, until the July 14th Full MOON.


Within the astrological pattern introduced during this current New MOON there is a prominent geometrical Grand Square which is helping to stabilize the potential future changes in your life. A Grand Square is composed of opposing planets representing the possibility of new levels of awareness. It contains four squares representing new levels of conscious integration through both decisions and actions that support your new awareness.  The significance of the Grand Square is the potential it offers for stability and active integration.




A Time for Creating Stability


We are entering the potential for increased stability in your life, initiated by the July 1st New MOON. This stability rests on the integration of two new levels of awareness: the awareness of personal adjustments and emotional refinements, and the awareness of new ways of learning by incorporating a new perspective. The personal integration of these two aspects of awareness is an important key in turning the next two weeks into a time of positive growth. It's important to be aware that resistance and fear of embracing what these new levels of awareness represent will tend to polarize the Grand Square into personal frustration, tension, and inertia.


An Awareness that Personal Refinements are Still Necessary


Remember, with our current shifts into higher frequencies, the Grand Square doesn't have to represent difficulties. Instead, you have an opportunity to become aware of how emotional refinement supports your voice in your community. This is possible through dedication to a new learning process involving reaching out to others. This reaching out is in the spirit of fostering mutual goals and a desire to function within a larger community. This larger community is whatever you consider to be larger than that represented by your current situation.


An Awareness that New Ways of Learning Need to be Embraced


In order to completely integrate your awareness of new ways of learning into something that is functional and stable, pay close attention to the quality of information presented to you. Be prepared in the coming two weeks for a series of opportunities to radically see things you have taken for granted from a fresh and new perspective. Oftentimes, it's obvious that a typical way of thinking has become out-dated or obsolete. What is not so obvious is the opportunity that is being presented here. The quality of awareness which is required is the awareness of what can be left behind or changed in the very fabric of your relationships. These are both personal and impersonal relationships, and may also extend to your relationship with "things" or even cultural ideas. This awareness is based on a vision of a future that is more inclusive and sustainable than what you are accustomed to. The planet URANUS is supporting this new adjustment by helping to change the way we structure our lives, and to help us become aware of outdated ways of thinking so they can be released.


Extra Help from the Planet Neptune


The planet NEPTUNE is currently supporting the integration of the Grand Square, and represents a spiritual function of sharing with like-minded individuals. These current energies support the easy recognition of supportive people who are already in your life, or new people who will appear. These are people with whom you can share an ideology of abundance and a mutual exchange of ideas and resources. These are people who will help you bring into focus the personal vision of the future that you experienced during the Lunar Eclipse Portal, or in the days that followed.


The Rebellion against Inertia


In order to take full advantage of the New MOON energies, we will all be called to make some changes in old habits or ways of thinking. This can bring up resistance. The planet MARS offers support to this process by providing you with the will and force to rebel against your own levels of inertia. A positive use of these rebellious impulses would be to turn them to the initiation of new activities, or decisions that explore something new. In other words, your decisions need to represent an attitude of rebellion against all that represents inertia in your life. One way to positively explore your "inner rebel" is to be mindful of your search for new awareness, while rebelling against old or out-dated perspectives, including old habits that are frustrating. In essence, your new levels of awareness will rebel against all that is standing in the way of you gaining a new perspective. In return for this positive use of rebellion, new levels of awareness will feel energizing. As a result, you will enjoy a greater stability and a solid foundation to move forward in your life.


Note: It may be helpful to schedule a reading with me for support in this process. These areas of inertia in our lives can cause deep frustration and difficulty, especially when we are being called to release them. As an esoteric astrologer, I can help you by clearly identifying the underlying patterns that lead to difficulty. I can also identify the areas of your life where you already possess natural tools and abilities, so you can more easily transform any resistance you are currently experiencing. Another valuable area of my expertise relates to identifying your unique gifts and abilities regarding the two new types of awareness being introduced this month. There is more information about astrology readings at the bottom of the article.   


SummarySummary: Putting it all together


The best way to take advantage of Friday's New MOON is to realize that the New MOON energies are offering you new levels of awareness that will help you to integrate the future into your personal life, and bring your future here NOW!

  • Sharing your vision and stories with like-minded people will help anchor and bring your future into the present.
  • The Grand Square is an opportunity for stability and integration of a new awareness.
  • Integrating your future stems from a new awareness of how your own emotional refinement supports your voice in the community.
  • Integrating your future is supported by your awareness and release of attitudes and relationships that are obsolete.
  • Sharing with like-minded people will help you create a sustainable vision for moving forward.
  • On the day of the New MOON, sit for a few moments and meditate or reflect on how to creatively "rebel" against your own inertia. This inertia relates to frustration you experience around old habits or thought forms that no longer support you. This creative rebellion frees up your mind to ponder new perspectives which are waiting for your discovery.

I would be excited to work with you on an individual basis to transform areas of difficulty or resistance, or to help you to specifically work with the Lunar Eclipse Portal energies to bring your future potential here now. We will look at the specific activities and decisions involving your life path, your Dharma, which help you to embrace a new level of awareness. We will also look at where the opportunity for new awareness is focused, on which unique areas of your life will give you the best tools for personal growth.

• A Lunar Eclipse Portal to the Future - Jun 15 Lunar Eclipse

posted Jun 15, 2011, 9:45 AM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Dec 22, 2011, 6:17 PM ]

A Lunar Eclipse Portal to the Future


An amazing event occurs during the July 15th Lunar Eclipse. A portal will open Wednesday, at 12:22 PM PDT, allowing you to clearly see a dream-like vision of your future. This article is an esoteric look at how you can maximize your experience of this futuristic portal and how to work with these future-oriented energies. This event holds unique personal potential and I'm excited to share my insights with you.


The Lunar Eclipse Portal of June 15th


Special cosmic portals only open during a Lunar Eclipse. This current portal will only be open tomorrow for approximately 100 minutes. On the West coast (PDT) the portal will open at 12:22 PM and remain open until 2:03 PM. Any rituals or personal ceremonies should ideally be done during this 100 minute window.  Depending on your schedule, spend at least 5 or 10 minutes to experience this rare event. This Lunar Eclipse is very special and I personally want to provide you with the information necessary to take full advantage of this amazing cosmic event.


The Opportunities of This Lunar Eclipse Portal


This portal provides a unique opportunity to transcend your current limitations, through a rare look into your future. During the 100-minute window of the Lunar Eclipse you will have an opportunity to receive a vision through the active use of your imagination, or a dream-like state. Your vision of the future is directly related to your desire for reaching a higher level of existence. You are currently living your life on a particular life trajectory. Imagine for moment that you could move forward or even change your current trajectory, allowing you to transcend your current limitations in a way that can only be imagined during the rarest of moments. You have this potential during the Lunar Eclipse!


During this 100-minute portal-window you will have an increased capacity for self-transcendence, through a personal vision of a new future. Limitations can be transcended and new abilities can be accessed. The specific potentials that are available depend on your personal life path and purpose, or dharma. To receive your vision, first access and ground into your sense of your higher-Self, and then imagine that new powers or psychic abilities are available. Or, imagine a leap in your evolution that under normal circumstances would not be possible. Imagine areas in your life that have represented limitations, and that you now have the ability to rapidly move through them. 


Astrological Themes of the Eclipse 


One of the beauties of this Lunar Eclipse is that the portal energies vary quite dramatically in different areas of the world. This is by cosmic design, to allow for the greatest amount of cosmic synergy of all the combined visions to harmonize throughout the world.


Here on the West Coast we will be particularly sensitive to new abilities that support various cultural refinements. These refinements will represent cutting-edge thinking, helping to re-shape cultural and spiritual directions world-wide. This combined synergy at the collective level of the West Coast has the potential of infusing a new attitude of respect, dignity and elegance into the world. As a group, our sense of idealism will begin to collectively shift, thereby supporting a greater individual connection to our higher-Self.


In terms of overall themes of the Eclipse, I am here referring to the collective and general astrological trends. Each of you carries your own unique expression of these trends, with a diversity of new possibilities and potentials. By looking at your individual birth chart, I can determine how this Lunar Eclipse portal is activated within your own unique life path.


What You Can Do to Prepare Yourself to Experience Your Vision


Here are some simple tips to help you maximize your future-portal vision. Remember, everyone on the planet will experience this portal, either consciously or unconsciously. The following information will be extremely valuable as you prepare for a conscious experience.


The MOON is responsible for all psychic structuring, so it's important to realize that  this particular psychic portal is specifically activated by using your active imagination in a creative way. Between now and 12:22 PM on the 15th, spend 5 minutes here and there, imagining your ideal future, or perhaps even a different life trajectory than you are currently on. Think about life without your current limitations. Imagine abilities or powers that support a world that isn't fear based. Imagine a world based on trust and respect. Imagine a world with resources and information available to all. This simple exercise will help create some of the psychic structuring needed during the Eclipse and is an excellent way to prepare.


Another important preparation you can do is to create a conscious alignment with some of the astrological energies that will be active during the eclipse. VENUS and MARS will play an active role in supporting your conscious participation in the portal. These two planets will align and stabilize the frequencies of the divine feminine and masculine. Finding and feeling you own internal balance of your own feminine and masculine energies is an important way to align your personal field to the portal. Holding an active awareness on this internal balance will help you maintain your conscious connection to the portal. Feeling a balance between the divine feminine and masculine energies is an important aspect of aligning your personal field to the portal.


A secondary benefit of holding and feeling your own balance of feminine and masculine energies during the Eclipse is the effect it has on MERCURY'S function. You will experience a profound quieting of the mind that will allow you to temporarily let go of your past and potentially receive information related to your future. This is a temporary mental liberation from your past, which will only be active during the Eclipse, as it supports your higher mental processes needed to access your vision.


Unlocking Your Vision for Personal Use


The next step in working with the portal is an understanding of how to unlock your future-vision and personally use it in a conscious way.  Unlocking the deeper meaning of your future-vision is directly connected to the development of your personal character as you transform limitations through the use of your own creativity. Let me explain. Conscious activation of the future-portal is through your active imagination, which is creativity in one of its purest forms. Using creativity to transcend limitations helps develop personal character.


The astrological alignments that are occurring during the Eclipse suggest a natural flow of creative power that is available for facing your limitations with a new sense of power and abilities. For example, if you are struggling in an environment that feels inhospitable, picture a person taking great pleasure as they skate over a frozen pond. This is the creative use of using the inhibiting effects of a cold and inhospitable environment to overcome environmental limitations for personal enjoyment. Once again, to fully access the portal's potential, use your creativity and imagination to experience possibilities that may initially appear to be hidden, like the skater did in the example.


This technique is one simple way you can take advantage of the Eclipse energies. A personal Eclipse Reading will fully explain the deeper meaning of how this Eclipse is personally activated for you. I can access the best ways for you to consciously benefit from your vision, and transform your life, based on your life path and purpose.


Keys for Unlocking Your Vision


Here is a short list of Keys to help you unlock your personal future-vision:


  • Use your imagination to consciously participate in your future-portal vision.
  • Feel the masculine and feminine balance of your personal energies.
  • Feel the anticipation of new abilities that you can only dream of utilizing.
  • Use your creativity to overcome limitations and transcend obstacles in your life.
  • Hold space for the gradual expansion of your consciousness after the portal closes.


This last point of holding space for the expansion of your consciousness needs some clarification. The portal is only open for 100 minutes, but your opportunity for working with your vision and integrating it will last until the next Full MOON on July 14th.


Special Lunar Eclipse Readings


I would be thrilled to work with you on a personal level and help you integrate this rare opportunity. In your personal Eclipse Reading I will help you completely unlock the potential that this Eclipse represents in your life. Any of the more subtle aspects that remain unconscious or unclear will be brought of light and made a creative part of your experience. We will look at all the implications that the Eclipse indicates for your personal life. I will identify emerging new abilities and even the potential for a new trajectory in your life path and purpose.


This Eclipse is such a rare event and important opportunity that I am offering the following special,  in effect until the next Full MOON.


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