• Seeing Through the "Halloween Veil of 2011"

posted Oct 25, 2011, 8:28 AM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Dec 23, 2011, 9:09 AM ]

New MOON, Wed Oct 26th, 12:56 PM PDT


The November New MOON is presenting an opportunity to penetrate the thin barrier separating two of our basic realities. Five days before Halloween the veil between the spiritual realm of Spirit, and the physical realm of Earth, will be extremely thin. This Esoteric Journal article explores what the thinning of this veil means for you and how you can take advantage of this opportunity.


Samhain, the old Halloween


On the traditional Wiccan/Pagan holiday of Samhain, it is thought that the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. As a result, communication with the dead is thought to be the easiest at this time of the year. Samhain, through time, has eventually changed into what is commonly known as Halloween. This idea of a thinning veil is an important concept to understanding the energies of this month's New MOON.


How thin is the Halloween Veil?


The veil between the spiritual realm and the physical realm is naturally thin at this time of year. This is due to the relationship of the natural cycles between the seasons. The shift in the seasonal energies naturally occurred first at the fall equinox. During this time of year, the fall and winter energies have just overtaken the spring and summer season and are growing in strength. As the momentum of the fall season continues to build and summer is forced to release its hold on nature, a rift occurs. Summer is reluctant to release it's hold, and as a result our consciousness is pulled in two separate directions. We experience this pulling apart as a  rift in our awareness and as a result we have access to more streams of consciousness than at any other time of the year. When we feel this natural pulling of awareness occurring, our consciousness experiences a thinning of the veil between the spiritual realm and physical realm.


This phenomenon occurs every year, however our current astrological patterns are unique in that we have a extra thinning of this veil occurring at the current New MOON. This is over and above the naturally thinning of the veil at this time of year. This is a huge opportunity for those who can fully understand what is really occurring in our consciousness. Right now, the veil is so thin that it is important to full understand how it might impact you and what you can do to take advantage of this special time.



Which side is up?


We are in the middle a two week period of  possible fuzziness in our consciousness. This started a week ago at the last quarter MOON and will continue for approximately 7 days until our next first quarter MOON on Nov 2nd. It's fuzzy in the sense that you are feeling an extra sensitivity to realms that your consciousness doesn’t normally have access to. Let me explain with an example. If you were to walk into a room full of people all talking at once, you might find it difficult to understand all the conversations at the same time. However, if you realized you had the ability to choose, you could focus your attention and pick and choose which in which conversations you would like to participate.


In the context of the energies we are currently experiencing, reality can feel quite fuzzy and overwhelming. The veil between realities is extremely thin. There is a lot more going on than our conscious awareness is used to processing. You may be experiencing a time of un-clarity and confusion, or this could be a time when you are experiencing extra help from spiritual realms as your ability to access information is occurring at an extraordinary high level. You have access to spiritual messages from your higher self, your guides or ancestors in ways you are not used to and this can be quite disorienting. You may be accessing the higher realms so easily that you may be experiencing message overlap and confusion, as information and messages become mixed up with each other. The veil is so thin that messages from multiple sources can be difficult to distinguish and to separate from each other. With a  few minor adjustments, however, we can easily know "which side is up" and take advantage of this special time.


Our New MOON is Anchoring Special Guidance


This New MOON is the time set into motion and fully bring to consciousness your special guidance from ancestors, your higher self, spiritual guides, mystical realms of knowledge, or the planetary mind of pure light. Whatever your source, this is the time to receive and set your intentions for moving forward in life with a new perspective and wisdom.


Practical Tools for Taking Advantage of the "Halloween Veil of 2011"


The veil is thinner than anything we are used to experiencing. Keep in mind, that although this is a powerful time for those who understand the significance of the Halloween veil, it is potentially quite confusing even for very advanced individuals who are usually quite adept at navigating spiritual realms. Once again, the difficulty lies in the overwhelming amount of help and information available. This is especially true when we don't have any practical practice with what we are all experiencing. In a very real sense, this is a reality we all have hoped for, as a part of acceleration of frequencies on the planet. As of yet we have don't have enough experience with the practical complications such a reality may present. This is our chance to test out our ability to navigate  a new awareness which may be just around the corner for all of us. Here are some practical tips and exercises for taking advantage of the New MOON occurring at such an auspicious time.


  • This is a time to use your  grounding tools and focusing techniques  to help you access a new level of clarity. The goal is to receive with clarity, not quantity. The challenge is too much quantity of energy and information, so narrowing your focus is now required.
  • At any time before the New MOON (Wed 12:56pm) sit and practice receiving one message at a time. Receive with patience to allow the whole message to settle in your consciousness.
  • If you have special crystals you use for focus or grounding, it will be very helpful to enlist their support for your meditations. If you're not sure which crystals to use, sit with them one by one to feel which ones help you ground and focus your consciousness.
  • After the New MOON, and extending through the first quarter MOON on Nov 2nd, the messages will change. The focus will turn to sharing what you have received with others and turning the messages to action. At this time you can ask to receive guidance and messages of clarity about what you are to share with others, and the forms of action. (By action I mean new activities you need to initiate.)


New MOON Summary


We are in the middle of the special 14-day window of the "Halloween Veil of 2011." This window is an extra thinning of the veil between the spiritual and physical realms. The thin veil offers a huge opportunity, but represents the practical challenge of what it actually means to have greater access to spiritual realms. This may be experienced as an over whelming amount of information that even for the most intuitively adept can result in a period of fuzziness and confusion.