• The Threshold of Independence - Jul 30 New MOON

posted Jul 29, 2011, 7:31 PM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Jan 2, 2012, 9:06 PM ]

New Moon in LEO on Saturday, July 30th, 11:40 AM, PDT


This LEO new MOON offers you the opportunity to make some subtle shifts that will give you a greater sense of freedom. At the same time, some situations in your life may be in need of releasing and these may confront you with elements of chaos.


You may even be feeling as if you are sitting on the brink of disaster, but then you realize that disaster has not fallen upon you just yet! With this realization also comes the stark reality that what is knocking at the door is "chaos." Do you open the door and invite chaos in? Or do you retreat in fear, hiding behind the locked door of personal isolation and limitation?


This New MOON article explores the dark realm of the "shadow side of chaos," or the alternative, which is "personal independence."


The Shadow Side of Chaos

Have you ever wondered what the connection is between "order" and "chaos?" It may be appropriate to ask an even more basic question first: "Is chaos ever desirable in a perfect life of order and control?" Throughout time, the "shadow side of chaos" has been feared by all except the heartiest of revolutionary outcasts. But from an Esoteric point of view, the concept of chaos has a deeper function. When chaos appears it may be that it's time to break free from outdated ways that you structure your life. In other words, our habits and sense of order can become so entrenched that chaos must temporarily reign supreme to free up what needs to be re-ordered. Establishing a new order out of even a subtle sense of chaos and disorder results in a greater freedom and independence.


Chaos is a potentially dangerous fiend, fully willing to dismantle anything you allow it. Or, it's a friend willing to create just enough disorder to allow a new sense of order to easily be established. Self-discipline and wisdom is needed to discern which areas of your life need to be dismantled for re-structuring. Remember, the alternative to allowing chaos to do its work is to retreat in isolation and fear of change. The "shadow side of chaos" can then cast its darkness on your inner realm, where personal independence becomes only a shadowy dream. Chaos in its highest form can provide the energy necessary to create balance when an area of your life is out of balance.


The LEO Fuel behind Personal Independence

A well known function of the zodiac archetype of LEO is its inherent "expressive" quality. A lesser known quality is LEO's ability to provide "combustion" that fuels the expression. The area of your life that may appear to be on the brink of chaos is a direct clue as to the nature of what needs to burned as fuel for LEO's ability to fully express itself. In other words, the situation feeling chaotic reveals the quality of fuel necessary for releasing LEO's expression and creativity in your life.


Our new MOON in LEO is a new opportunity to make adjustments, using chaos as a tool for creative independence. Chaos, as a tool, attempts to dismantle the area of your life where  personal independence is being limited. Instead of opening the door and inviting chaos into all areas of your life, you must recognize that chaos has only shown up on your door step to offer its expertise for just enough disorder that an easy and quick re-ordering may occur. Chaos' role is to temporarily replace what once had been a relative amount of order to create a natural release of energy to fuel and empower you to discover a new sense of independence.


Personal independence does not come without a price. The price is that which must combust in order to release the energy needed to restructure what has become disordered through chaos. For example, say an  old car which has become increasingly more expensive to maintain, now breaks beyond repair. The chaos of increased repairs and the new situation of being without a car, changing morning habits and travel routines, has the unexpected result of extra time to read on the bus. Once the adjustment to the new situation is accepted and the old habit released, you find the new bus-to-work lifestyle provides more freedom and a greater sense of ease in starting your day. The release of the car and old morning habits released creative energy and became the fuel for new activities of self-expression. Personal independence is the result of releasing what was impeding your creative spirit.


New Moon Ritual


Give yourself the opportunity to establish a new relationship with healthy chaos with a new MOON ceremony. Set aside 10 minutes sometime during the twelve hours prior to the 11:40 AM New MOON on Saturday. Light a candle, representing the power to release what may be standing in the way of your greater independence. Chaos is waiting to create the space for the freedom you need to fully be who you are meant to be in the world. Ponder any area in your life where chaos may be subtly threatening. Imagine releasing or reordering through small adjustments in your life. By making these adjustments now, you may avoid chaos having too much power in areas that don’t need to be completely dismantled.


New Moon Summary


You have the opportunity to open the door for chaos. Not to invite chaos in to create mayhem in your life, but to give you the necessary fuel to fully express yourself in the world with a greater sense of freedom and independence.

  • Recognize that the "shadow side of chaos" is isolation and fear. It may show up as hanging onto areas that are preventing you from achieving independence and your highest potential.
  • Remember, chaos is a potentially dangerous path, however, used wisely it is a powerful tool to bring your life into a more workable balance.
  • Be aware that the fear of re-structuring may prevent you from higher levels of self-expression and independence.
  • Set aside 10 minutes for a new MOON ceremony and identify the areas in your life that need adjustment, thereby empowering your ability to fully actualize your creativity.
  • Celebrate the creative and expressive power of LEO in your life!


Steve Shroyer is an Esoteric Astrologer, specializing in unlocking your personal and often time’s hidden potential. If you need some specific help in identifying the sources of your "shadow side of chaos," or identifying the areas of your life that are the perfect fuel for greater personal independence, then contact Steve for a life changing reading. Steve does life path and life purpose readings (Cross of Dharma), Gate of Intuition readings, Solar Returns, Relationship, and Business readings.