• OM and the Mysteries of Nature

OM and the Mysteries of Nature

March Full MOON through Last Quarter MOON


The active phase of our current Full MOON will last approximately 5-6 days starting today. MARS makes a dramatic conjunction with the full MOON only hours before its apex with the full MOON today, March 8. Your awareness of "power" is now fully activated and represents the "power of knowledge." Sharing this power will have a special benefit that will occur during the week following this full MOON and is explored later in this article.


OM as the Universal Vibration


An ability to share this "power" is an act of your own sacred "will," if you recognize that the source of this power is the same source as the eternal and mystical sound of OM. OM, or AUM, is the same root cosmic vibration which powers the ever-changing and evolving "Mother Nature." By Mother Nature I mean all planetary life and the systems of life that support us. This full MOON phase, through the Last Quarter MOON (Mar 14th) holds an opportunity for you to share your own vision of your personal connection with Mother Nature through the sound of OM.


The Connection Between OM and Mother Nature


The mysteries of nature that are currently being revealed at this full MOON are found in the understanding that the original impulse and vibration which sustains the universe is active in all forms of knowledge and is the active principle guiding all of life on Earth. OM is the hidden power behind all knowledge and nature herself. You have a 6 day window of opportunity to access this knowledge and power, through working with the sound of OM during this remarkable period. During the next 6 days through the active use the sound of OM you can access universal fields of wisdom and understanding through the doorway of this sacred sound.




The full MOON energies are creating a unique window for the use of personal power and individual will. During this 6-day window of opportunity you can more easily access universal wisdom and knowledge through a gateway of sound by working with the vibration of OM or AUM. You may chant or listen to this sacred sound to open this mysterious gateway to hidden Universal realms. Though a willingness to share your power, knowledge, and understanding of the hidden source behind Nature, you gain the special benefit of anchoring this power in your personal life.


What You Can Do


Sit quietly for 10-15 minutes with the sound of OM echoing in your consciousness. Feel your connection to this sound as the source of Nature's intelligence. Contemplate the paradox of the constant, changeless, and eternal source of OM against the ever-changing cycles of nature and cosmic evolution. This paradox holds the key for accessing hidden knowledge flowing from the Universal realms to your consciousness. Share your insights to anchor them in your life.