• A Lunar Eclipse Portal: The END OF TIME - Dec 10 Full MOON

posted Dec 9, 2011, 4:18 PM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Dec 24, 2011, 8:59 AM ]

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on Dec 10, 6:36 AM PST


There is an exciting total Lunar Eclipse on Saturday, Dec 10th which opens a cosmic portal to earth. This is no ordinary portal. In fact, it may be the most interesting and fascinating Lunar Eclipse to date.


A Lunar Eclipse always holds a special opportunity, and a total eclipse is especially so. During a total Lunar Eclipse the Full MOON becomes completely dark and temporarily loses contact with the SUN. This phenomenon only happens during a total eclipse. Esoterically, this means the Sun is not able to distribute its light through the MOON. The area of the heavens that normally holds a spot for the Solar influence is not present. This opens a cosmic portal which is focused directly on earth during an Eclipse.  This article discusses this cosmic portal, what it means, and how to maximize its opportunity in your life. Lunar Eclipse's are always a positive influence in your life as long as you take a moment to understand how to utilize them as a special and rare gift from the cosmos.



My Personal Reaction and Astonishment


I experienced a high degree of astonishment after I ran the astrological chart of this coming Lunar Eclipse and understood the full meaning. I first realized this Eclipse was going to be special when I noticed that the planet Neptune was at 29° Aquarius. This degree is esoterically known to represent the capacity to utterly transform the character of one's consciousness. That degree also suggests that by radically altering the structural patterns of everyday living and the types of relationships one enters into, that a transcendent realization is possible (trine Saturn).


The planet Jupiter holds to key to understanding that time (Saturn) will be no longer be flowing like a river from the past into the future (1° Taurus in opposition to Saturn). The rest of the chart indicates a new turn of events, which takes away the controlling power of those who want to maintain the status quo of our current social order. It also suggests the unveiling of a powerful cosmic truth, so revealing, that reality as we know it takes on a level of translucidity. Meaning the true nature of the universe is revealed in way in which all that is left behind is the impulse to BE. I was blown away when I realized the impact this could have.


What I realized was that time, as we know it, is about to end!


When I realized what this Lunar Esoteric Eclipse Portal represented, my intuitive centers lit up with excitement. Bits of information from various sources all started lining my consciousness in patterns that started making perfect sense. I remembered Carl Calleman's book, "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness," and what he said about the Mayan Calendar  representing the end of time. Then I remembered a quote from Albert Einstein saying,


"The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."  


I also remembered another famous quote,


"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly."  The Buddha (563 BC-483 BC)


A few moments later I synchronistically discovered a remarkable book by a famous theoretical physicist named Julian Barbour. He is currently the leading authority on the subject of time. As a result of his ground breaking research he published a book called "The End of Time - The Next Revolution in Physics." I thought to myself, "I may have just hit the cosmic jackpot."


From the moment I first realized the deeper meaning of the Eclipse, until I read enough of Julian Barbour's work to understand his premise, my intuition was operating at full capacity and I was able to downloaded a clear picture of the Universe. During this very short span of time, I felt like I understood the big picture of what it meant when people would state, "I feel grounded and completely awake with understanding." My excitement was overflowing. This Eclipse may be one of the most illuminating moments in our lifetime, in terms of understanding how to live life completely free of time. My hope is to present this important information in a manner in which everyone will be able to relate.


Let me begin by attempting to summarize the complex subject of time, which is far more vast than a short journal article can do justice. If you're not interested in the physics of this, feel free to skip the following section of this article.



Julian Barbour's "A Universe Without Time" - Summary

(Feel completely free to skip this summary explanation of the physics of time.)


The following is a very brief summary of Julian Barbour's breakthrough research about the nature of time. This summary is based on a several scientific articles and a revolutionary book on theoretical physics entitled, "The End of Time."


Julian Barbour has successfully proven that our concepts of time are incorrect. In his brilliant published work, he presents time as an illusion which is created by our experience of motion. He successful shows that since the entire universe is in motion or change, time can never be accurately measured by motion. Instead of our perception that time is flowing like a river in which everything is afloat, the river of time simply does not exist. The river's "flow" is simply our human attempt at making sense of the changing positions of things. These changes, or configurations of position groups, he calls "time capsules," simply because each configuration has a history and a duration. We all have an awareness of duration, but Barbour eloquently points out that duration is a subjective interpretation of history which varies from person to person.


Barbour correlates how most people never consider that time and clocks are two completely different ideas. A clock is a mechanical representation of what is imagined to be a natural clock.  He then relies on science to show how a natural clock does not actually exist in a useful form. Barbour then points out that the only accurate natural clock is the universe itself as a whole, which can only be calculated by its total change in configuration. The total change or movement of the Universe cannot be measured. What we are left with are snapshots of stable geometric configurations that change to new configurations. The universe is simply moving from one configuration to another. Clock time may exist to help us keep appointments, but time as a universal absolute doesn't exist. Barbour effectively shows how the physics of motion is completely independent from time.


What we are left  with is a Universe without time consisting of a series of geometric configurations or snapshots. As matter moves from one configuration to the next, our illusion of time and motion links the snapshots into a linear story.


Julian Barbour's "A Universe Without Time" - A Deeper Look


This section expands the above summary, with additional information and ideas. If you're satisfied with the short summary, scroll down to the next section below.


Julian Barbour's amazing research show that intervals of time do not pre-exist but are created by what the universe does. Up until recent developments, relative time was found “by the means of motion,” which as he demonstrates to be purely an abstraction. Time is not an absolute or an independent constant of the universe.


For those of you who are interested taking a closer look at Julian Barbour's ground breaking ideas, please take a look at his book, "The End of Time." If you consider yourself an amateur physicist, see Julian Barbour's original essay entitled, "The Nature of Time," or his outstanding work, "Shape Dynamics." which addresses some of the problems facing theoretical physicists in the areas of quantum gravity and Einstein's theory of General Relativity.


The most important aspects of Barbour's breakthrough research presents the idea that time, as an independent and absolute force in the universe, simply does not exist.


Our current concept of time originated from the idea that it was possible to measure celestial phenomenon and their reoccurrences. Being able to determine the duration between events with the ability to predict when a coming event would take place created the concept of both a clock and ephemeris time1 . As these ideas were explored, the distinction between two types of clocks became apparent: natural clocks and man-made clocks. Scientific mind's quickly realized that a isolated clock was useless unless it could "march in step" with other clocks. But which clock should be the master clock that all clocks marched in step with? This lead to the assumption that the heavens themselves were a natural clock. Between Kepler and Newton, it was agreed upon that the movement of celestial bodies would be used to determine absolute time. What is inferred by the idea of "absolute time" is the idea that all celestial bodies march in step with all other celestial movements. For then, they march in step but merely take larger steps like the tips of ticking second hands of unequal lengths. This understanding, along with some verifying math equations that accounted for proportional increases in both kinetic and potential energies, set the stage for confirming that time was an independent concept.


For millennia no one was asking the correct questions: "Is a second today the same as a second yesterday?" "What is a clock?"  "Is there a natural or universal clock that could be relied on as an absolute or master clock?" "If time and motion are possible illusions, what does this imply about the recent marriage of time and space?" The answers to these questions have seldom been addressed at a sufficiently foundational level until now.


Scientific minds since Newton have approached this subject by determining that motion and time are related. But a major question that has never fully been explored is this: "Does motion march in step with time, where time is a pre-condition of motion, or does motion give rise to the illusion of time as a way to comprehend how the phenomenon of motion can be understood?" Perhaps both time and motion are illusions?


Julian Barbour successfully points out there have always been flaws in the current concepts of measuring time from motion, simply because everything is in relative motion and everything is interconnected. He successfully proves that the only accurate way to measure time is through multiple and perfect snapshots of whole Universe, and then to compare that with an identical universe.


What he presents as a new "Timeless Principle of Least Action" sheds a powerful new light on some of the major problems that have faced theoretical physics in the past. This is an extremely exciting breakthrough as you'll see when we take a deeper look at timelessness. In his research paper entitled, "Shape Dynamics," Barbour presents that the universe is completely based on geometry, and that what we see as motion is the difference between one geometric configuration and the next geometric configuration. Barbour goes on to introduce the concept of time capsules. According to this new concept we are experiencing snapshots or configurations in the Now, which have a history or past configuration, but motion and time simply don't exist in the world of physics. Time may exist socially and practically, but only as an illusion.


Barbour demonstrates that what we all see as motion is really a change in the configuration of bodies, things, or particles. Each change is merely the difference in the history of a configuration. A configuration or snapshot is simply the relative position of what is being considered. It's holistic in nature and implies a relationship to the larger configuration it is a part of. It is only through the difference in the configuration of things that we know that change has occurred. Time is no longer the keeper of change. Duration is subject to the awareness of how a configuration is different. Since motion is relative only to what else is in relative motion, time can not be a universal constant. What we are left with is a universe without time. 

"The Timeless Principle of Least Action" is that the new position of a configuration occurs with the minimal movement necessary to achieve the next stable configuration. Configurations always exist in geometric shapes which give them stability. This gives rise to sacred geometry and is part of a larger topic that won’t be discussed here. What is worthy noting is that the apparent flow of motion is also an illusion. Our brains simply fill in the gaps as we move form stable configuration to stable configuration.


We are living in a universe of constantly changing configurations, but no time. Clocks are completely artificial, since the only natural clock is the universe as a whole. No matter how useful they are in keeping appointments, they support the biggest illusion we have ever faced as a culture. 


What Does This Mean For You?


What are the implications for your life if, in fact, the flow of time and motion are both illusions? This idea seems initially impossible. Without motion and time it appears that nothing happens. To understand these difficult concepts of time and the illusion of time, we will consider the processes of Being versus becoming .


Becoming can be thought of as the process of coming-to-be something, or of passing into a state that is suitable, decent, appropriate, due, or befitting. Too often, this idea of becoming is bred into our consciousness with an accompanying air of failure. As if we haven't reached our "becoming" end-state of accomplishment. The very premise that one is "becoming" denotes certain failure. Why haven't I become what others expect of me? Have you ever met someone who has completely "Become?" Becoming implies a perfect state of completion where one has become all there is to become and only at this point is there reason to feel complete. The idea that there is "no becoming" holds a beauty and profound truth that our expanding consciousness can appreciate.


On the other hand, let's consider for a moment the concept of "Being." To Be who you truly are is really quite beautiful. By Being we simply awaken to our own universal nature. We participate as a part of the harmony of heavens and the music of the spheres. We take our place in the cosmic symphony as part of the song, our song of Beingness, and we realize the beauty of our own essence in unity with cosmic harmonics. This is a beautiful song of joy and bliss that we are all a part of. We awaken to what it means to part of the sacred geometry of the universe and we experience Unity, based on our individual contribution of song and eternal relatedness.


When we follow our impulse to Be, we reclaim our power, which is always in the moment. I am reminded of what Tolstoy said,


"There is only one time that is important -- NOW! It is the most important time because it is the only time that we have any power." Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)


Perhaps it's time finally to feel the power of our own Being. Tolstoy was spot on with his assertion that power is in the moment. Our power lies in embodying the full essence of our soul and expressing our fullness of Being. When we release our attachment to linear time and striving to "become" something in the future, then in the Big Picture, we begin to  "march in step" with the only natural clock there is, the entire universe as a whole. This is such a powerful concept. This leads us to the next powerful realization, which is to realize that our own actions contribute to the over all configuration of  the Universe. You and I are truly creating relatedness as part of our universal structure of  Being. Our power is in the Now, as we continually re-configure ourselves in attunement to cosmic form and Beingness.


In the potential of the Lunar Eclipse, I suddenly see a new reality emerging, likened to music. Music speaks to the depth of the soul, stirring, opening, communicating feelings of joy and connection to the rhythms of changing tempo and frequency.  Music is music because of the changing configuration of rhythm and frequency. Could it be that the changing configurations of the Universe are the purest form of music there is? This is the "Music of the Spheres," communicating and expressing how alive and vibrant the universe feels, continually encouraging, stirring, inspiring all who listen. Listening with all of our senses we are inspired to be part of this sacred song through conscious participation.




The impulse to Be is being activated by this Lunar Eclipse Portal, allowing us to release old imprinted patterns attached to future expectations and striving to Become something we fear we are not.  In other words, the concept of "The End of Time" initiated with this Lunar Eclipse suggests the opportunity for a fuller experience of the present Now, embracing creativity and participation with the cosmic song, leading to greater Beingness.  It's time to dance to the Music of the Spheres!


How To Maximize This Opportunity


The Lunar Eclipse Portal is an activating portal allowing you to expand your experience of Being and your ability to live in the present moment, the Now. The portal opens at 4:50 AM and closes at 8:22 AM on the morning of December 10th, 2011.


The portal will remain open for a total of 3hr 32m with the greatest or central Eclipse occurring at 6:36 AM. Please remember this portal is a shift in consciousness that is permanent. The opportunity represented is indefinite and correlates to an ongoing new phase of our evolution. Feel free to revisit these ideas over the weeks and months to come.


Here are some suggestions for maximizing your personal opportunity during the Eclipse:


  • During the 3hr 32m Eclipse, find 15 minutes to sit quietly to contemplate the difference between Being and Becoming.
  • Feel how the concept of Being exists in the moment and creates a sense of power, and how Becoming is full of expectations and a future which never arrives.
  • Feel how your sense of power is awakened when you know that your every action creates a new snapshot of the Universe;
  • See yourself participating in a Universe of relationships and harmonic patterns and sacred geometric forms.
  • Feel your own Being awakening to a cosmic dance, to a universal song of relatedness and joy. Feel your own creative spirit deeply listening and participating in this sacred song.


Special Meditation: Timelessness


After spending 15 minutes in the above contemplation, spend 5 minutes in a new type of meditation. Allow your consciousness to rise to the very top of your head, where your crown meets the Universe. Imagine that your consciousness is moving at exactly the same rate as the Universe. As you do this an amazing experience will occur. Everything will seem to stop and you will not feel the Universe moving at all. This may be your first true experience of timelessness. Just as two cars traveling at the same speed seem to be stationary, your consciousness will be in sync with cosmic consciousness. Instead of experiencing change or movement, everything is still because you're only feeling the joy and bliss that is creatively changing the Universal configurations. You're feeling the music of the Universe. You are experiencing the Impulse to Be.

Footnote: (1) Ephemeris time is the calculations of predictive points in which celestial  bodies will occupy at given intervals or by schedule.