• A Lunar Eclipse Portal to the Future - Jun 15 Lunar Eclipse

posted Jun 15, 2011, 9:45 AM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Dec 22, 2011, 6:17 PM ]

A Lunar Eclipse Portal to the Future


An amazing event occurs during the July 15th Lunar Eclipse. A portal will open Wednesday, at 12:22 PM PDT, allowing you to clearly see a dream-like vision of your future. This article is an esoteric look at how you can maximize your experience of this futuristic portal and how to work with these future-oriented energies. This event holds unique personal potential and I'm excited to share my insights with you.


The Lunar Eclipse Portal of June 15th


Special cosmic portals only open during a Lunar Eclipse. This current portal will only be open tomorrow for approximately 100 minutes. On the West coast (PDT) the portal will open at 12:22 PM and remain open until 2:03 PM. Any rituals or personal ceremonies should ideally be done during this 100 minute window.  Depending on your schedule, spend at least 5 or 10 minutes to experience this rare event. This Lunar Eclipse is very special and I personally want to provide you with the information necessary to take full advantage of this amazing cosmic event.


The Opportunities of This Lunar Eclipse Portal


This portal provides a unique opportunity to transcend your current limitations, through a rare look into your future. During the 100-minute window of the Lunar Eclipse you will have an opportunity to receive a vision through the active use of your imagination, or a dream-like state. Your vision of the future is directly related to your desire for reaching a higher level of existence. You are currently living your life on a particular life trajectory. Imagine for moment that you could move forward or even change your current trajectory, allowing you to transcend your current limitations in a way that can only be imagined during the rarest of moments. You have this potential during the Lunar Eclipse!


During this 100-minute portal-window you will have an increased capacity for self-transcendence, through a personal vision of a new future. Limitations can be transcended and new abilities can be accessed. The specific potentials that are available depend on your personal life path and purpose, or dharma. To receive your vision, first access and ground into your sense of your higher-Self, and then imagine that new powers or psychic abilities are available. Or, imagine a leap in your evolution that under normal circumstances would not be possible. Imagine areas in your life that have represented limitations, and that you now have the ability to rapidly move through them. 


Astrological Themes of the Eclipse 


One of the beauties of this Lunar Eclipse is that the portal energies vary quite dramatically in different areas of the world. This is by cosmic design, to allow for the greatest amount of cosmic synergy of all the combined visions to harmonize throughout the world.


Here on the West Coast we will be particularly sensitive to new abilities that support various cultural refinements. These refinements will represent cutting-edge thinking, helping to re-shape cultural and spiritual directions world-wide. This combined synergy at the collective level of the West Coast has the potential of infusing a new attitude of respect, dignity and elegance into the world. As a group, our sense of idealism will begin to collectively shift, thereby supporting a greater individual connection to our higher-Self.


In terms of overall themes of the Eclipse, I am here referring to the collective and general astrological trends. Each of you carries your own unique expression of these trends, with a diversity of new possibilities and potentials. By looking at your individual birth chart, I can determine how this Lunar Eclipse portal is activated within your own unique life path.


What You Can Do to Prepare Yourself to Experience Your Vision


Here are some simple tips to help you maximize your future-portal vision. Remember, everyone on the planet will experience this portal, either consciously or unconsciously. The following information will be extremely valuable as you prepare for a conscious experience.


The MOON is responsible for all psychic structuring, so it's important to realize that  this particular psychic portal is specifically activated by using your active imagination in a creative way. Between now and 12:22 PM on the 15th, spend 5 minutes here and there, imagining your ideal future, or perhaps even a different life trajectory than you are currently on. Think about life without your current limitations. Imagine abilities or powers that support a world that isn't fear based. Imagine a world based on trust and respect. Imagine a world with resources and information available to all. This simple exercise will help create some of the psychic structuring needed during the Eclipse and is an excellent way to prepare.


Another important preparation you can do is to create a conscious alignment with some of the astrological energies that will be active during the eclipse. VENUS and MARS will play an active role in supporting your conscious participation in the portal. These two planets will align and stabilize the frequencies of the divine feminine and masculine. Finding and feeling you own internal balance of your own feminine and masculine energies is an important way to align your personal field to the portal. Holding an active awareness on this internal balance will help you maintain your conscious connection to the portal. Feeling a balance between the divine feminine and masculine energies is an important aspect of aligning your personal field to the portal.


A secondary benefit of holding and feeling your own balance of feminine and masculine energies during the Eclipse is the effect it has on MERCURY'S function. You will experience a profound quieting of the mind that will allow you to temporarily let go of your past and potentially receive information related to your future. This is a temporary mental liberation from your past, which will only be active during the Eclipse, as it supports your higher mental processes needed to access your vision.


Unlocking Your Vision for Personal Use


The next step in working with the portal is an understanding of how to unlock your future-vision and personally use it in a conscious way.  Unlocking the deeper meaning of your future-vision is directly connected to the development of your personal character as you transform limitations through the use of your own creativity. Let me explain. Conscious activation of the future-portal is through your active imagination, which is creativity in one of its purest forms. Using creativity to transcend limitations helps develop personal character.


The astrological alignments that are occurring during the Eclipse suggest a natural flow of creative power that is available for facing your limitations with a new sense of power and abilities. For example, if you are struggling in an environment that feels inhospitable, picture a person taking great pleasure as they skate over a frozen pond. This is the creative use of using the inhibiting effects of a cold and inhospitable environment to overcome environmental limitations for personal enjoyment. Once again, to fully access the portal's potential, use your creativity and imagination to experience possibilities that may initially appear to be hidden, like the skater did in the example.


This technique is one simple way you can take advantage of the Eclipse energies. A personal Eclipse Reading will fully explain the deeper meaning of how this Eclipse is personally activated for you. I can access the best ways for you to consciously benefit from your vision, and transform your life, based on your life path and purpose.


Keys for Unlocking Your Vision


Here is a short list of Keys to help you unlock your personal future-vision:


  • Use your imagination to consciously participate in your future-portal vision.
  • Feel the masculine and feminine balance of your personal energies.
  • Feel the anticipation of new abilities that you can only dream of utilizing.
  • Use your creativity to overcome limitations and transcend obstacles in your life.
  • Hold space for the gradual expansion of your consciousness after the portal closes.


This last point of holding space for the expansion of your consciousness needs some clarification. The portal is only open for 100 minutes, but your opportunity for working with your vision and integrating it will last until the next Full MOON on July 14th.


Special Lunar Eclipse Readings


I would be thrilled to work with you on a personal level and help you integrate this rare opportunity. In your personal Eclipse Reading I will help you completely unlock the potential that this Eclipse represents in your life. Any of the more subtle aspects that remain unconscious or unclear will be brought of light and made a creative part of your experience. We will look at all the implications that the Eclipse indicates for your personal life. I will identify emerging new abilities and even the potential for a new trajectory in your life path and purpose.


This Eclipse is such a rare event and important opportunity that I am offering the following special,  in effect until the next Full MOON.