• A New Awareness Takes Hold - Jul 1 New MOON

posted Jun 29, 2011, 9:21 PM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Dec 22, 2011, 6:27 PM ]

Solar Eclipse and New MOON July 1, 2011 - 1:54 AM PDT


Acceleration of Consciousness


In these exciting and accelerated times, people all over the planet are waking up and participating in new elements of consciousness that previously have not been possible. In the past, these same new energies would have been experienced as difficult or hard situations, rather than opportunities to support and refine the new level of awareness that is currently active on our planet. In my approach to Esoteric Astrology I start from the assumption that this acceleration in consciousness is giving all of us new opportunities. Because of this new level of acceleration, some of the old ways of looking at astrology are no longer appropriate. This is certainly the situation we face with the astrological configuration of the July 1st New MOON and Solar Eclipse. Traditional astrology would view the coming pattern as a time of difficulty, however I see it as a time of opportunity.


This week's New MOON is the half way point of the portal to the future which was activated at the last Full MOON and Lunar Eclipse two weeks ago, and will end in two weeks with the next Full MOON. This current New MOON and Solar Eclipse are introducing new frequencies to help you stabilize and integrate the opportunities introduced during the last Lunar Eclipse. This article will relate how the New MOON energies are supporting the Eclipse portal to the future.


New Levels of Stability - The Grand Square


The July New MOON is introducing a new concept and energy that will help you stabilize what was activated by the June 15th Lunar Eclipse Portal on the Full MOON. The June Lunar Eclipse accessed a portal into the future which allowed for a personal vision or glimpse of future abilities that you can begin to access now. The portal was activated during the actual Eclipse, but the window of opportunity for integration is open for four weeks, until the July 14th Full MOON.


Within the astrological pattern introduced during this current New MOON there is a prominent geometrical Grand Square which is helping to stabilize the potential future changes in your life. A Grand Square is composed of opposing planets representing the possibility of new levels of awareness. It contains four squares representing new levels of conscious integration through both decisions and actions that support your new awareness.  The significance of the Grand Square is the potential it offers for stability and active integration.




A Time for Creating Stability


We are entering the potential for increased stability in your life, initiated by the July 1st New MOON. This stability rests on the integration of two new levels of awareness: the awareness of personal adjustments and emotional refinements, and the awareness of new ways of learning by incorporating a new perspective. The personal integration of these two aspects of awareness is an important key in turning the next two weeks into a time of positive growth. It's important to be aware that resistance and fear of embracing what these new levels of awareness represent will tend to polarize the Grand Square into personal frustration, tension, and inertia.


An Awareness that Personal Refinements are Still Necessary


Remember, with our current shifts into higher frequencies, the Grand Square doesn't have to represent difficulties. Instead, you have an opportunity to become aware of how emotional refinement supports your voice in your community. This is possible through dedication to a new learning process involving reaching out to others. This reaching out is in the spirit of fostering mutual goals and a desire to function within a larger community. This larger community is whatever you consider to be larger than that represented by your current situation.


An Awareness that New Ways of Learning Need to be Embraced


In order to completely integrate your awareness of new ways of learning into something that is functional and stable, pay close attention to the quality of information presented to you. Be prepared in the coming two weeks for a series of opportunities to radically see things you have taken for granted from a fresh and new perspective. Oftentimes, it's obvious that a typical way of thinking has become out-dated or obsolete. What is not so obvious is the opportunity that is being presented here. The quality of awareness which is required is the awareness of what can be left behind or changed in the very fabric of your relationships. These are both personal and impersonal relationships, and may also extend to your relationship with "things" or even cultural ideas. This awareness is based on a vision of a future that is more inclusive and sustainable than what you are accustomed to. The planet URANUS is supporting this new adjustment by helping to change the way we structure our lives, and to help us become aware of outdated ways of thinking so they can be released.


Extra Help from the Planet Neptune


The planet NEPTUNE is currently supporting the integration of the Grand Square, and represents a spiritual function of sharing with like-minded individuals. These current energies support the easy recognition of supportive people who are already in your life, or new people who will appear. These are people with whom you can share an ideology of abundance and a mutual exchange of ideas and resources. These are people who will help you bring into focus the personal vision of the future that you experienced during the Lunar Eclipse Portal, or in the days that followed.


The Rebellion against Inertia


In order to take full advantage of the New MOON energies, we will all be called to make some changes in old habits or ways of thinking. This can bring up resistance. The planet MARS offers support to this process by providing you with the will and force to rebel against your own levels of inertia. A positive use of these rebellious impulses would be to turn them to the initiation of new activities, or decisions that explore something new. In other words, your decisions need to represent an attitude of rebellion against all that represents inertia in your life. One way to positively explore your "inner rebel" is to be mindful of your search for new awareness, while rebelling against old or out-dated perspectives, including old habits that are frustrating. In essence, your new levels of awareness will rebel against all that is standing in the way of you gaining a new perspective. In return for this positive use of rebellion, new levels of awareness will feel energizing. As a result, you will enjoy a greater stability and a solid foundation to move forward in your life.


Note: It may be helpful to schedule a reading with me for support in this process. These areas of inertia in our lives can cause deep frustration and difficulty, especially when we are being called to release them. As an esoteric astrologer, I can help you by clearly identifying the underlying patterns that lead to difficulty. I can also identify the areas of your life where you already possess natural tools and abilities, so you can more easily transform any resistance you are currently experiencing. Another valuable area of my expertise relates to identifying your unique gifts and abilities regarding the two new types of awareness being introduced this month. There is more information about astrology readings at the bottom of the article.   


SummarySummary: Putting it all together


The best way to take advantage of Friday's New MOON is to realize that the New MOON energies are offering you new levels of awareness that will help you to integrate the future into your personal life, and bring your future here NOW!

  • Sharing your vision and stories with like-minded people will help anchor and bring your future into the present.
  • The Grand Square is an opportunity for stability and integration of a new awareness.
  • Integrating your future stems from a new awareness of how your own emotional refinement supports your voice in the community.
  • Integrating your future is supported by your awareness and release of attitudes and relationships that are obsolete.
  • Sharing with like-minded people will help you create a sustainable vision for moving forward.
  • On the day of the New MOON, sit for a few moments and meditate or reflect on how to creatively "rebel" against your own inertia. This inertia relates to frustration you experience around old habits or thought forms that no longer support you. This creative rebellion frees up your mind to ponder new perspectives which are waiting for your discovery.

I would be excited to work with you on an individual basis to transform areas of difficulty or resistance, or to help you to specifically work with the Lunar Eclipse Portal energies to bring your future potential here now. We will look at the specific activities and decisions involving your life path, your Dharma, which help you to embrace a new level of awareness. We will also look at where the opportunity for new awareness is focused, on which unique areas of your life will give you the best tools for personal growth.