• A Perfect Celebration - Nov 24 New MOON

posted Nov 22, 2011, 8:14 AM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Dec 21, 2011, 9:23 AM ]

A Perfect Celebration

November New MOON, on Thanksgiving Day at 10:10 PM PST



There is a unique opportunity this week with the New MOON falling on Thanksgiving Day. What is absolutely fascinating, is the New MOON energies are suggesting a need for fun, recharging, and a natural release of energies. This cosmic cycle is in perfect alignment with our holiday weekend so that we can take full advantage of this time off from our normal routine.


There are two distinct ways in which the current energies can be manifesting in your life.


Some of you are experiencing a period in life where you know exactly your role in life's drama. You are feeling energized and ready for what is just ahead. Even though you may not know the particulars, you know that you are positioned where you need to be to participate in any future endeavors.


Others of you are having trouble distinguishing exactly what your next move should be,  what choices need to be made, or what next project you should take on. You have a  sense, or feeling, that your personal expansion in the world isn’t where it needs to be. You may be feeling conflicted as to what to do, or even how you should feel about life.


Regardless of your specific experience, it's time to take a deep breath, and give a moment of appreciation. It's time for a needed break for a short period of rest to recharge and integrate. The New MOON impulse is emphasizing that we need to take this time to incorporate a more subtle means of adapting to the stresses of life.


Accelerated Growth


There has been a considerable amount of talk as of late about accelerated growth. Sages, mystics, and light-workers around the world have been discussing this topic. Some are saying that the acceleration has stopped, others say that this is only the beginning.


From an astrological point of view*, I am seeing an extremely interesting pattern. It  appears that we are all on the verge of experiencing a large shift in awareness. Because we are at the edge of it, so to speak, people are experiencing the preliminary energy patterns in different ways, and understandably so. Some are experiencing integration and some are experiencing dis-integration, as mentioned above.


I believe this shift represents new higher mental forms that haven't been seen before. The planet Neptune is symbolizing a process where there is a new internal matrix, or operational structure, being energetically woven. This matrix is at the level of the higher mind and will help you connect with spirit more directly than ever before.


The astrological patterns of this New MOON suggest that this new matrix will support the ability to share ideas based on "universal principles." This appears to be a new ability that hasn't yet been witnessed and will operate at the group level of consciousness, shared with others who have experienced this shift.


A Necessary Break in the Action


Our current New MOON is setting the universal intention that the next phase of growth which is now being released, is "yin in nature" and requires a more passive form of growth. This is passive in the sense that "growth" is through the "letting go" of life's intensities.


What this means for you is that it is time to "let loose" and relax, time to put life on hold, and to celebrate. What a perfect New MOON gift for Thanksgiving Day!


There is truly an amazing synchronicity associated with this New MOON. Our need for a necessary break in the action is corresponding with a 4-day Thanksgiving Weekend. Appreciation for this opportunity to recharge, as Lunar activities align with cultural activities, is truly a blessing. Thankfulness abounds! 


A Subtle Change


What's integrating in our psyche through the "letting go process" is the internal use of what is called, "creative freedom." Creative freedom in this sense, means to actively engage in activities that represent the "letting go" of the hectic-ness of life and the associated tensions. A subtle change is needed to incorporate this idea. Combining creative freedom and letting go, with the idea of celebrating, seems like a good match.


Whether tensions are from conflict, or from the "over exhilaration" of energizing your own life's path, taking a break and "letting go" is the perfect solution. Letting go through celebration and fun is the perfect active way to engage in this type of creative freedom. This "active way" suggests a little discipline may be needed to "really" take a break, versus just engaging in some tension-producing fun.



New MOON Ideas for Thanksgiving


  • Take a break to experience a little freedom and expansion in your inner world.
  • Hold appreciation for your celebration opportunity, along with the amazing synchronicity of the Thanksgiving Day New MOON.
  • Hold your awareness, over the holiday weekend, on the idea that growth occurs in unexpected ways. Sometimes growth only happens while "letting loose" though the release of natural energies, fun, and celebration.
  • Take a moment to contemplate on the various types of "creative freedom" activities that resonate with you. Feel the freedom needed to engage in them, even if it requires a little effort.
  • Remind yourself, each of the next 4-days, that this is a temporary break in the action. The productive opportunity is in the awareness of the coming shift. Integrating subtle changes in your consciousness is the type of inner growth needed to move forward. 


New MOON Summary


The amazing synchronicity of the New MOON occurring on Thanksgiving Day is supporting a large shift in consciousness which requires you to "let go," and actively relax, and to celebrate.


Whether life is going great, or you're experiencing a period of struggle, it's time for a break in the action.  It is time for a celebration to recharge and integrate all the changes that are taking place in your consciousness.


Incorporating a little "creative freedom" in your life over the holiday weekend is exactly the New MOON impulse that is needed to continue to growth in life, light and love.


Blessings and Light abundant,

Steven Shroyer



*Footnote - For students of astrology, please take a deeper look at the astrological considerations in the expanded sidebar section of this article, titled: "New MOON Astrology Patterns." 

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New MOON Astrology Patterns

Nov New MOON
From an astrological point of view, Neptune's position in the solar system symbolizes a radical transformation which is occurring. One might even refer to it as a type of metamorphosis which is accelerating and expanding our consciousness in ways that nobody can fully understand until after the process has been stabilized. It represents a new access to ideas and universal principles that our consciousness can expand into.

It also represents an ability to participate with others in this higher form of consciousness in ways that have never been possible before. This degree of acceleration has never before been witnessed and is new to all of us. What Neptune is symbolizing is the actual formation of a new internal matrix, or operational structure, so that individuals can share within a larger group this same expansion of consciousness that others are experiencing.

The planet Mars is in a position to initiate "what's next" for you, but only after a short period of self-imposed patience and rest. Action needs to be delayed in order to integrate some of the subtleties of this new level of consciousness available to us. The patience which Mars requires can easily be in the form of a holiday celebration. The Martian need "to initiate" is perfect for initiating a party, a celebration, and a time to creatively let off a little steam, but it's not suited for making major life decisions. It's an appropriate time to initiate your appreciation of all the past struggles and victories that continuously remind you of why you need to move forward in life and towards a new expansion of consciousness.

The accent placed on the Sun and MOON conjunction is called 3° SAGITTARIUS. It suggests that there is a distribution of mental energies at the apex of a T-square between Neptune and Mars. The expansion and abstraction that SAGITTARIUS brings together is emphasized in the VIRGO/PISCES axis. Therefore, the technique of going inward (the yin aspect of VIRGO/PISCES) is a key issue in unlocking the meaning of this New MOON.

To narrow down the integrating (the Solar purpose) function, and new impulse, the New MOON is releasing, we need not look any further than the deeper meaning of the first 5° sector of SAGITTARIUS.

The first 5° represent a shift towards idealism. This is an abstract shift in which the resolving of conflicts and struggles is necessary in the expansion towards cooperation.

SAGITTARIUS, as an archetype, can see the gamesmanship in conflict. As a result, the ritualistic perspective of battle (or conflict) is seen as if two men are play chess and the battling of the chess pieces is transcended and understood as the cosmic interplay of day and night. (This is a Sabian symbol.) If the ego can be represented as a chess board king, the king is checkmated ritualistically whether it is the white king or the black king. Taking the ego out conflict and struggle is part of the inward path of transcendence.

As a result, the level of cooperation achieved is through a subtle form of creative freedom. As the ego "let's go" of its rigid idea of black and white reality, the higher mind has the inner freedom to "creatively express spirit" as the playfulness of opposite forces.