Out of the Corner of Your Eye

Out of the Corner of Your Eye

New MOON in Aries, Thursday March 22nd, at 7:37am PDT


For those who of you who have been working hard to overcome your fear, it's time to reap your reward. This is an elusive reward for those of you who have persevered, and have diligently sought to break away from or release a past which no longer serves your best interest. This new MOON journal article presents a new opportunity for those who can recognize a new dimension which is presenting itself. This new dimension is subtle, elusive, hidden, and often times only visible out of the corner of your eye!


A New Dimension


We are living in accelerated times and our current Aries new MOON brings with it a subtle vision and a glimpse of a new dimension. This isn't a spatial dimension, but dimension that offer you a new capacity for self-transcending. For those of you who have experienced a synthesis of your desires, or in other words, a desire to reach a higher level of existence, self-transcending becomes a type of inner levitation of pure love and aspiration to further reach up.


This new dimension or capacity for a self-transcending type of growth is simply a longing which mobilizes your ability to engage in any creative endeavor which moves you toward becoming what you have idealizes. It is a vision of your ideals come to life and embodied through you creative efforts. Ideals are the framework of your personal future. Actuality never exactly mirrors what you have idealized and envisioned, but the energies surrounding this new dimension suggest the possibility to see it indirectly, as if you can catch a glimpse of it out of the corner of you eye.


The new MOON energies which are activating the possibility for accessing this new dimension aren't random. In fact, the cycles which make this all possible have been building for some time. Previous lunation phases have been helping us confront our past. When speaking of the past in this context I'm referring to an awareness of your ancestral traditions and family patterns which are becoming increasingly obsolesce and a hindrance as you attempt to move forward in your life. Past lunation cycles have provided opportunities to let go of areas of your past that represent a fear of success. Overcoming your fears, even in very small ways, has its reward. Your reward is in seizing this opportunity and embracing the same courage you have demonstrated in overcoming your fears. Your reward lies in a new dimension, a subtle dimension in which you can only see out of the corner of your eye.


The Awareness Needed for Self-transcending Activity


Because you are trying to access a new dimension which is barely visible and extremely subtle, you may be asking yourself; "How do I make this new dimension real and have the experience of moving beyond normal awareness into a realm of self-transcendence?" The reason this is referred to a new dimension is directly related to your higher-self. Your higher-self, in one respect, is your ability to function in a larger field of activity or as part of a great whole. This will vary from increasing your sphere of social influence to understanding how you can make a difference in community or  region of participation. For others this is an opportunity to begin working occultly with planetary healing energies or galactic evolution. Each person has a greater whole that their higher-self is operating within. Self-transcending activities are those activities in which you begin to expand beyond your current field of activity and begin to function in an increased capacity within your idea of a greater whole.


There is a special opportunity associated with the March 21st sunset. The energies of the sunset hold a frequency of expansion that can be used to increase your sense of your greater whole. The March 21st sunset, when reflected on, can give insight to your personal relationship with a larger arena of activity. More on this later.


Activities to Activate Your Higher-self


Beginning at the new MOON and extending until the first quarter MOON it is extremely important to acknowledge your desires for new types of activities, especially activities that involve other people with similar desires. This new dimension will give your access to  your higher-self through these desires for group accomplishments, but the timing of this process it crucial to your success. When referring to the timing, two aspects of timing need to be considered. The first aspect is spontaneity and the second aspect is patients. During the seven days after the new MOON spontaneity as freed up and is directly connected to your desires for new activities involving others with a similar desires. To activate new aspects of your higher-self, look for synchronicities that represent significant timing for you. Be patient. Try to be more aware of your desires that reflect a participation in a larger field of activity, especially with others who share similar feelings. The new MOON to the first quarter MOON is activating an increased level of spontaneity toward desires with which you have in common with others whom you connect with. When synchronicities occur, be patient and wait for the perfect time to act which will often times feel spontaneously perfect. Feel it, connect with it, identify with it, act on it.


Practical Ideas


Sunsets, starting on March 21st going through March 29th, hold a special frequency of expanding your awareness of your greater whole and a new dimension of activity for expanding and transcending your sense of self as you are able to more consciously access aspects of your higher-self.

  • Spend 5-10 minutes each sunset to reflect on the Sun's sphere of influence and to spontaneously realize ways to increase your sphere of influence.
  • Think of this new dimension as a reward for your courage, no matter how small, for the work you have done to let go of old patterns that no longer serve you.
  • Be extra sensitive to your desires during this 8 day period. Following your desires is a practical way to activate new activity which support your capacity for self-transcending experiences.
  • Be both patience and spontaneous. Patience are needed to recognize the correct timing and synchronicities of the coming week. Once the synchronicities have been noted its appropriate to be spontaneous because the timing is right.
  • This new dimension being referenced is only accessible through a new level of participation. Its important for you to personally identify with a larger field of activity. As you do this, your understanding of  how to function will begin to shift to a greater awareness of your higher-self.




Thursday's new MOON is activating an awareness of a new level of activity that represents an increased capacity for self-transcendence. Access to this new dimension is proportionate to the quality of courage you have been using to let go of old patterns. Your ability to function with a greater awareness of your higher-self is your reward for the hard inner work you have doing in your personal life. Look for new opportunities to move beyond your limitation through a new sense of spontaneity which has been freed up through the knowing that the timing for new activity is now. Be sure to look for new possibilities and synchronicities through the corner of your eye.