• An Acceleration in Consciousness - Feb 18 Full MOON

Greetings and Welcome to the Solstice Eclipse Update: Feb 15, 2011
Article Summary

What Been Going On Astrologically?

This introductory section describes a short summary of events taking place since the winter solstice 2009. A once in a lifetime conjunction of the planets Uranus and Jupiter took place on the Winter Solstice in 2009. Exactly one year later, there was a Lunar Eclipse on the Winter Solstice 2010. This remarkable configuration of planetary energies points directly to an opening of an ancient portal. The opening of this portal has consciously activated an access to new psychic realms or psychic abilities. As a result of these two events, we are all experiencing the varied impact representing the quality of authentic relationships. The portal will close on Mar 4, 2011 at 12:46 PM PST.

It's important not to lose sight of this powerful 162 year cycle of Uranus and Jupiter mentioned earlier. For it is this cycle that is responsible for a new spiritual vision on our planet. It is this vision which illuminates how a culture can support new metaphysical principles and the integration of spiritual insight in an everyday and practical manner. In an esoteric sense, our intuitive and psychic abilities represent an access to this new spiritual vision, what is means, and what is possible for us as humanity evolves.

There Was A Significant Astrological Configuration on Feb 12, 2011

On Feb 12th, a powerful astrological alignment occurred. For this reason, I have chosen to focus on this event and the upcoming Full Moon for this current Eclipse Update.

On Feb 3, 2011 there was a new Moon at Aquarius 14°. This event happened only 1° before an exact conjunction of Mars. To say this in plain English, this Mars - Sun conjunction at the New Moon is very significant! As a result, I started looking for the most auspicious moment within the current Moon cycle. That moment was Feb 12th 3:45 AM PST. Mars is an activator and a releaser of the Moon's psychic energies. The exact point in Aquarius that it activates is one of the four most powerful yearly points of release. This final Moon cycle in the eclipse portal is extremely powerful, especially starting on Feb 12th through the Full Moon on Feb 18th. See the astrological chart for a visual representation.
Summary: A powerful astrological moment occurred on Feb 12th. This powerful alignment is related back to the Lunar Eclipse Portal and represents an extremely powerful release of energies. This astrological formation dramatically influences the Full Moon on Feb 18th.

Why Is Feb 12, 2011 So Important For The Next Full Moon?

The new Moon's impulse for this cycle is directly associated with an acceleration, or at the least, a possible shortcut, in the natural evolution of humanity. Combine this shortcut in evolution, with the new psychic abilities which were activated during the eclipse portal, and we have a Moon cycle that begins a critical period on Feb 12th and concludes on the Full Moon on Feb 18th.

This critical moment begins to occur in our consciousness when we are confronted with the decision to move forward or crystallize through Saturnian fears. Do we move forward with power and strength, or do we recoil in the excuse that too much effort is required? This crisis is necessary in order to anchor within us the new vision of what we can do together as a group and community. What is being supported is the spiritual vision of what is possible in the future. It is the beginning of our collective shaping of how we see the world unfolding during the next 162 year Jupiter-Uranus Cycle.

The five days before the Full Moon, the 12th through the 18th, has become a moment of decision that each of us are facing. This moment of decision requires the correct use of power. Power that is focused and released in an authentic way, becomes a personal anchor. What we have experienced and set into motion during the open portal comes to full consciousness at this Full Moon. This Moon represents the full recognition of our developing power and abilities that were activated during the Solstice eclipse.

The power behind the Full Moon resides in the significant "kite pattern" of planetary alignment which occurred on Feb 12th. What makes this alignment so special is that the planetary focal point is Jupiter. Jupiter's astrological focus is activated by two of the most important psychic planets, Mercury and Uranus. From an esoteric astrology point of view, this "kite pattern" alignment is symbolically perfect for the activation of consciousness.

The evening of Feb 17th becomes the most auspicious opportunity to consciously work with these energies before the Full Moon on Feb 18th. This is a special and fortunate time when considering the opportunity for integrating what was activated during the eclipse. What has been activated during the open portal, needs to reach a level of emotional integration to be fully effective. The concept of being "fully effective" requires an emotional component that can easily be accomplished by active decisions centered on the use of power in your life. The process of making a decision acts as a catalyst and plays a vitalizing role in supporting what was activated by the eclipse portal. 
Summary: We have a huge opportunity at the Full Moon to integrate new levels of authenticity and to support the new psychic abilities initiated during the eclipse. A unique astrological configuration presents a critical period of vitalization that will have a positive effect in our personal life and the future developments of our culture. The Full Moon on Feb 18th can be used as an active symbol of power that supports our future spiritual growth.

Spiritual Rituals of Authenticity and Power

To work with the development of consciousness in a conscious way implies creating something that is memorable and active. The power of ritual lies in the idea that it requires life force, thereby representing an vitalistic and emotional aspect. This is exactly what it is needed to anchor the portal energies as we move forward in life. Many of you are familiar with the term "spiritual ritual." The evening of Feb 17th, the twelve hours preceding the Full Moon, provides a perfect time for such a ritual. On the west coast, this window is 12:36 PM, Feb 17th, through 12:36 AM the morning of the 18th. The Full Moon occurs at 12:36 AM, Feb 18th.

This is an auspicious time to anchor the next step beyond typical New Moon intentions. What specifically needs to be anchored are new personalized symbols that our consciousness can identify with. In the Seattle and San Francisco areas, symbolism of authentic relationships stands out as a huge opportunity through the planet Saturn. Saturn's placement suggest that these are relationships that have substance, stability, and an element of security. The function of Mars indicates an adjustment in the correct use of power in both relationships and in initiating projects or new courses of action that affect our security.

Participate in a Ritual

Consider creating a simple ceremony, or ritual, with the focus on a personal vision of power to help anchor a change in your consciousness. This may be done individually or in a group, but the focus should contain a personal vision of what needs to change in your awareness. Ask yourself, "What things do I need to refine, or adjust, in order to operate more effectively in my life?" How can I use my power to actively support my vision of what is being transformed in my consciousness?

If you decide on some type of ritual, here are some key aspects of what needs to be incorporated. Here is a short list of some of the elements to consider:

Incorporate your own spiritual vision or a spiritual idea and symbol that represents the correct use of power for you.
Give an appropriate amount of focus and importance to what it is you are anchoring.
Incorporate a symbol that represents something that is personally vitalizing and contains an emotional charge for you.
Actively decide how you plan to move forward and use what has been accelerated in your life or what needs to be more authentic.

Descriptions of possible symbols you may choose to use are presented in the article: Astrological Symbols: Twelve Basic Orientations to Power and Activation

Summary: Consider setting aside some time for yourself on the evening of Feb 17th to anchor in your consciousness and to fully activate what has been initiated on the Solstice Lunar Eclipse. The timing is perfect for being authentic in new ways as you move forward in life. Especially in the areas relationships and the correct use of power.