• Support to Vision Your Future - Oct 11 Full MOON

posted Oct 11, 2011, 2:24 PM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Dec 23, 2011, 9:17 AM ]

A Full MOON Push Against Inequality

Full MOON on Oct 11th at 7:06 PM PDT


This Full MOON journal article discusses what we are all feeling as we enter into a new phase of global awareness. This is an awareness of our potential future and the opportunity to create a more balanced society. An extremely interesting astrological pattern has emerged with our current Full MOON that supports this overriding and long term process. Two distinct patterns are in operation.


  • The first pattern correlates to the momentum and acceleration we are currently experiencing as part of the planetary evolution.
  • The second pattern correlates to a massive polarization in consciousness. This is manifesting as increasing conflict among world religions, economic powers, social classes, ideas of right and wrong. We see this also in protests over a disproportionate balance of wealth and privilege, leading to the current Occupy Wall Street movement.


To understand the significance of the current Full MOON, we need to return to the 2009 Winter Solstice, when a great cycle of 162 years began. This cycle involves Jupiter and Uranus and represents an expanding social awareness, including a new openness to metaphysical ideas. In my opinion, this is one of the most significant astrological events in our lifetime. This cycle, which has initiated new evolutionary possibilities, will naturally and necessarily create various types of social crises and polarization before this new openness is accepted and integrated into all aspects of our culture.


This month's Full MOON is sitting at the midpoint of these two powerful planets and thus supports this evolutionary process of openness and spiritual expansion.* The MOON is creating a new opportunities to counteract polarization by allowing for new perspectives. (See end of article footnote or click on chart for more explanation of the powerful patterns supporting the FULL MOON.)

Excess Momentum


The acceleration of consciousness has momentum associated with it. The amount of momentum currently being generated is exceeding our natural ability to release it. The momentum you are experiencing can be felt in two very distinct and extreme ways. You may be feeling like you are flying, out of control, through time and space toward a future that is unknown and uncertain. On the other hand, you may be experiencing a stability and a steadiness, yet the whole world is rushing by at a speed too quick to enable you to clearly focus on what is passing.


Both perspectives are the result of an acceleration and momentum. Both may leave you feeling unfocused or fearful surrounding future outcomes. It is precisely these two extremes in momentum that are fueling a natural polarization in consciousness.


What is Polarization


When two opposite alternatives are present and we don't have the perceptions necessary to reconcile them, then it's natural to side with one alternative over the other. In this way we polarize, or shift, to one of the extremes.


Class Privilege vs. Mutual Respect and Worth


One current polarizing dynamic in the world is the "inequity of class privileges." This dynamic is underlying the Occupy Wall Street Movement. The polarizing vision is of a future built on class privileges and increasing elitism, or a future of mutual respect and personal worth as a foundation for an expanding culture. 


It is important to realize that this issue will be a recurring theme through out the entire Jupiter-Uranus cycle of 162 years. This is not a short term conflict! This Full MOON, however, presents an important opportunity to release some of this building energy and perhaps avoid a major cultural collapse at some critical point. We each have the opportunity to individually release some of the extra momentum and energy, by embracing an expanded perspective of cooperation with all humankind.


Future-Oriented Imagination


The way in which we embrace a new perspective of cooperation can be accomplished through a technique called Future-Oriented Imagination. The current cosmic frequencies (astrological symbols and planetary alignments) support our ability to embrace the future. There is a high value to be placed on the eager anticipation of unexpected future events and conditions. These are future events that we can feel, but as of yet, are unable to clearly see. The polarized frequency of eager anticipation is fear. By holding to your eager feeling of what is to come you are providing an antidote to pervasive social fear.


Here are a few techniques and ideas that will help you develop new abilities and perspectives to address the issues of polarizing consciousness, excessive momentum and energy, and the anticipation of a future that can be felt, but not clearly seen. 


  • Spend 10 minutes around the Full MOON and in days to come sitting quietly, with a conscious openness to higher inspiration and perspectives as you feel the expansion of what's ahead, but yet unseen.
  • Use your imagination to look into the past and "see" what has and hasn't worked and then project this awareness into the future.
  • Engage the use of the mental fly-over where your mind is unattached and able to fly high. Look down with a creative imagination on your own life and gain a new perspective of your current situation.
  • Practice seeing your own perceptions through the lens of humor and release old ideas of right and wrong, as a way to gain a new more holistic perspective.


Does your future have the ability to inspire you without fear and apprehension of unknown outcomes? Polarizing ideas and one sided thinking don't provide the inspiration needed to guide us into an unknown future. What is needed are new perspectives that create a shift toward the spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.




The Oct 11th Full MOON is activated by Jupiter and represents the preparation necessary for what is coming in the future.  A sense of rapid acceleration, coupled with a sense of unfairness in society, represent our shifting awareness of how to prepare for the future. What is needed are new symbols to anchor your access to universal wisdom, which will help to create a foundation for moving forward. New perspectives, combined with humor and healthy detachment, allow us to experience inspiration rather than fear, and gracefully move into the future.


Footnote: There are unusual geometric symmetries in this month's FULL MOON chart. The moon is mid-point between Jupiter and Uranus. Directly opposing is a 4 planet stellium (group of planets) in Libra. The stellium is providing new symbols and skills to support the future expansion we are beginning to feel but can't see. In addition, Pluto and Mars are ideally positioned for creative activity supporting a radical change in the status quo. Click on the chart icon at the top of the article for a larger view.


Steven Shroyer is a world class esoteric astrologer. He would love to help you develop individualized tools and skills to help you during this time of increased momentum and planetary acceleration. Steve's gift is to bring clarity to your life path and the essence of your purpose. He's gifted with an ability to read past life's and will help you understand and trust your unique intuitive gifts and abilities.