• Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse 2010

The Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse of 2010

"A Symbolic Point of No Return"


Article Introduction


On December 21st, 2010 at 12:17 AM PST there will be a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE coinciding with the Winter Solstice. This event is absolutely extraordinary and is generating a lot of excitement.

During the eclipse, a portal will open to the planet. Among other things, this portal is making available an ancient Egyptian psychic ability to all individuals of the planet. The portal will remain open into February 2011. 

The 2010 Solstice Lunar Eclipse is perhaps the most significant astrological event of our lifetime.


What exactly makes this particular eclipse so important? Here are two of the main reasons:

  1. This event coincides with the upcoming end of the Mayan calendar and the planetary shift and transformation that it represents.
  2. This total lunar eclipse occurs on the winter solstice, exactly one year after the spectacular and significant winter solstice of 2009, where JUPITER and NEPTUNE were conjunct and released a new planetary cycle that will last 166 years.


There are also some notable astrological patterns that need to be mentioned. These  astrological patterns are present during the lunar eclipse and provide important clues into the deeper meaning.


  1. There is a significant stellium (planetary grouping), involving the SUN, PLUTO, MERCURY, and MARS. This forms the basis of a huge planetary shift and new cultural purpose that is being activated.
  2. There is a loose-orb* astrological "Kite Variation" pattern representing a spiritual guiding principle and important psychic activation that is introduced during the eclipse.
  3. There is a loose-orb "Grand Square," building on the energies released on the winter solstice of 2009.
  4. San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle have a unique geographical role in the future acceleration of what is being infused in the world through this event. For more details on the role of these cities, see the side bar.

* An Orb is the astrological term used to indicate the symbolic degree of separation between planetary bodies.


The six factors listed above combine together for an event that is unprecedented in our life time. 


What is the deeper meaning of the Winter Solstice?

Details for San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle

The cities of San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle have a unique role in the  integration process of what will transpire as a result of the 2010 Solstice Lunar Eclipse.

The location of the Lunar Eclipse is off the California coast and exactly aligns only three cities to the eclipse. The determining factor is the exact degree of the ascendant. The significant point of the eclipse is 1° Cancer. Only three cities will be located on the astrological axis of 1° Libra as the ascendant for the eclipse. Thus the full essence of the eclipse will be felt in the cities of San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. 

The overall effect is world wide, but the maximum potential for transformation will be located in these three cities.

Individuals in these cities will tend to be a field of operation for collective urges and group ideals. These individuals will intuitively seek greater idealized partnerships and group activities. By this interaction, each person will come to understand who their higher self is in relationship to the larger whole in which they participate.

The position of the MOON at the time of the eclipse for these three communities will be in the 9th House, referred to as the "House of Understanding." A new philosophy for sharing spiritual values will begin to emerge. A window of opportunity exists for a new model of interacting, based on the principal of emotional authenticity.

Those who nurture this transformation have an opportunity to become leaders who understand their larger role in the changes that will be taking place on the planet. Like minded individuals will have a new opportunity to form a new style of cooperation. 

This will emerge out of a new basis of purpose and a commonality of spiritual values. These new models, if practicality and idealism can merge and integrate, may also reflect a new way of doing business that other groups around the world may want to model.


The Winter Solstice is one of the most powerful symbols of our time. Its meaning stirs the hearts of humans, giving us hope and love at a time when the SUN is at the lowest point in the southern sky. Its soft light shimmers through barren trees and across fields of pure white snow, blanketing that which was once full of life. The glow of this SUN has seen the face of death, yet through the stillness and the cold, lying deep beneath the lifeless solitude, is hope. Hope and ecstasy are alive, waiting to spring forth in new life and a new purpose. Beneath the winter freeze is the divine seed of that which will bring transformation and spiritual fulfillment to all it touches. Referred by some as the Christ child, this divine seed symbolizes the divine seed of humanity growing within us, as illuminated individuals, who are participating in a spiritual brotherhood. This spiritual brotherhood is made up of physical and non-physical beings working for the common good of humanity.


The significance of the 2009 Jupiter-Neptune conjunction


Exactly one year ago on the winter solstice of 2009 there was a significant conjunction of the planets JUPITERNEPTUNE. The exact conjunction was at 25° AQUARIUS and is significant in the larger picture of this current eclipse. This 2009 solstice offers us a new way to work in society as the conjunction of JUPITERNEPTUNE released a new spiritual purpose, which allows for a large scale spiritual reorientation.  This conjunction marked the beginning of a huge cycle that will last 166 years. The esoteric key to understanding the current eclipse, lies in how the eclipse is directly related to the JUPITERNEPTUNE conjunction in 2009.


How does the eclipse of 2010 relate to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in 2009?


The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction occurred astrologically at 25° AQUARIUS. The symbolic meaning of this degree represents a spiritual evolution that will consciously develop ahead of normal evolution. During the conjunction there was a release of emotional energies that were needed to stabilize the beginning phase of  this new 166 year cycle. This may be considered, from a practical point of view, an acceleration of consciousness that began at the conjunction. What is significant is the quality of emotional energy that was released. Emotional-spiritual energy was needed to stabilize the beginning phase of the this new spiritual cycle. Because our planet has an overabundance of emotional-biological energies which drive basic human instinct, the emotional-biological energies where changed into a higher form. These higher forms of emotions were transmuted (spiritually changed) into an emotional-spiritual form of energy. As a result, the conjunction created a type of emotional imbalance. This is one of the reasons our personal relationships have had such a large degree of instability during the last year.


The current eclipse triggers the release of a higher quality of emotional authenticity, which answers the planetary need for emotional stability and helps balance the disparity in the quality of emotions we have experienced over the past several months. The stabilizing quality of this emotional-spiritual authenticity is powered by the solstice and activated by the full MOON eclipse.


The Solstice Full MOON


We must not forget that the eclipse is also a full MOON. The full MOON represents a full and completed realization of what is symbolized by the SUN as it crosses the solstice. This crossing of the solstice is a yearly event and contains a powerful release of energies associated with the moment the day-force re-awakens in a symbolic rebirth. After the full MOON releases its powerful realization, during the two weeks which follow, this realization continues to grow and build in the consciousness of receptive individuals who can creatively inspire others.


The SUN and Stellium Planets Provide a Foundation of Mobilized Energies


What has come to full realization with the full MOON is symbolized by the SUN and the stellium of planets that surround the SUN. This full realization symbolized by this stellium represents a huge mobilization of emotional energies. These are emotional-biological energies working in cooperation with nature and beauty. They are inspired by an inner purpose and draw from what may be called our invisible community of spirit.


The Kite and Grand Square


The full MOON at the eclipse fulfills the purpose of this huge mobilization of these inspired emotional energies. The Grand Square stabilizes this release of energies and the Kite Variation acts as a spiritual guide and activation principal.  A meaningful and practical use of this Grand Square involves the stabilization of all types of relationships. With VENUS and NEPTUNE positioned on opposite wings on the Kite Variation, the activation principal becomes psychic in its nature and represents the ability to open new intuitive channels, which will benefit relationships that are both personal and transpersonal in nature.


As explained above, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction involves the use of emotional energies in a new, more spiritual context. The energies of this year's solstice take us to a new level. With the power of the solstice energizing the stellium's purpose of mobilizing emotional-biological energies, which are on the verge of expanding to a spiritual level of cooperation, we begin to understand what is being activated by the Kite Variation. The Kite activates what is located at the Kite's tail, in the position of the eclipsed full MOON.


Spiritual Psychic Activation


This activation, which is anchored in the tail of the Kite, is a spiritual psychic activation and has two stabilizing forces working together to anchor what is being activated for each of us. The first stabilizing force is a Grand Square. The second stabilizing force is found in the exact degree that the full MOON crosses over during the eclipse. The eclipse occurs while the MOON moves from 30° Gemini to 1° Cancer.


A Point of No Return


A look into the symbology of 1° Cancer is quite useful. As 30° Gemini prepares to let go of what it knows, it does so to completely integrate its knowledge at a deeper organic level of functionality. The Gemini pattern of collecting information has ended in favor of establishing a useful, integrated, and powerful ability to choose and to decide the correct course of action. Emotional maturity is felt as a deeper more integrated experience. The emotional energies gathered together during the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction are now replenished and stabilized. Emotional-biological drives have the opportunity to once again transmutate into a higher form of emotional-spiritual will and choice. As the feelings of integration and spiritual power consolidate, the need for solid decisions is magnified.


When operating from unstable emotional-biological drives and a lack of integration no longer seems like it's an option, then the point of no return has been reached. Emotional authenticity is the new functioning principle. This is just what our fragile relationships have been craving this past year: authentic spiritual-emotional stability.


 The Egyptian Portal


During the full MOON, on the winter solstice, with a stellium of planets mobilizing spiritual energies, and a rare Kite variation with its tail at the full MOON, an eclipse will occur. The duration will be 72 minutes.


The eclipse will open a portal that will symbolically support the pre-eclipse December new MOON which was located at 14° SAGITTARIUS. The esoteric meaning of 14° SAGITTARIUS is that of a spiritual psychic gift from the spiritual ancestors, represented by the Great Pyramid and Sphinx. The position of NEPTUNE as one of the wings of the Kite, suggests that this ancient gift is an evolution of a psychic ability used by advanced Egyptian initiates and our spiritual ancestors.


How Can We Best Take Advantage of this Egyptian Psychic Gift?


This new intuitive ability that will be available for our integration will operate in one of 360 unique ways, depending on each individual's birth chart. Without looking at specific natal horoscopes, I can only provide general information about the nature of the intuitive gift. For everyone the gift will function with an evolved use of authentic emotions that are moving toward the cooperation of nature, beauty, and the larger community of the spiritual brotherhood. The unique manner in which this new psychic ability will function in your life will be symbolically represented by 1° Cancer.


Special note for astrologers:

For clues on how this new ability can best be individualized in your clients' charts, here are some basic suggestions. Look specifically at the planetary ruler of the house in which 1° Cancer is positioned. Correlate all planetary aspects to how your client's specific dharma is unfolding after the 2009 winter solstice. Pay extra attention to their natal MERCURY in relation to their progressed MERCURY and the aspects that correlate to their natal intuitive functionality.


How Long Will the Portal Stay Open?


The total eclipse will last a brief 72 minutes*, but the portal that is created will stay open for 45 days beginning at the eclipse. I will be providing updates on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule through out the next months. The time period after the eclipse is extremely interesting and I will be writing about the best ways to integrate this significant period of transformation in our lives. I believe that it will be necessary to consciously participate in this transformational process and anchor any new intuitive functionality our awareness can integrate. We all have a basic intuitive awareness which we can use and leverage to make this event more significant and operational within our personal dharma.


*Note: A deeper significance of the eclipse lies in the principle of transformation. The total lunar eclipse will last 72 minutes. 72x5=360, the significance is in the number "5" which represents personal transformation in esoteric numerology.



  • The stabilization of our relationships and the opening of new levels of intuitive communication will be activated in us through a variety of new ways.
  • The transmutation of our emotional-biological energies, which began with a 166 year spiritual cycle at the winter solstice 2009, is being offered as a new dynamic, through which authentic emotional-spiritual energies may become operational in us.
  • Our connection to our invisible community of spirit and spiritual brotherhood is evolving to a new level of our participation.
  • Our emotional energies are expanding to a spiritual level of cooperation.
  • This expansion of our emotional energies is in essence an evolutionary jump, in which authentic spiritual-emotional stability is reached as a new plateau from which we can act and react. 
  • The evolution of an ancient Egyptian psychic-intuitive ability is available to all of us by means of the Solstice Lunar Eclipse Portal.
  • There are 360 psychic variations, or intuitive gifts, (one for each degree of the zodiac) that will manifest in us as a result of the eclipse event.
  • By using our own basic intuition and consciously participating in this transformational process, we provide ourselves a solid foundation for facilitating this change, and integrating these new intuitive functions.
  • The portal will remain open for 45 days. The act of stabilizing what is activated will be our next step.


    ~Heart felt blessings to each of you on the winter solstice 2010


    © 2010 Steve Shroyer and Seattle Astrology