• Lunar Ecstasy or Divine Consciousness - Aug 28 New MOON

posted Sep 9, 2011, 10:46 AM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Dec 22, 2011, 6:36 PM ]

New MOON on Sunday, Aug 28th at 8:04 PM PDT


Sunday's new MOON is rare indeed. When a new MOON is in opposition to the planet NEPTUNE, anything is possible! At 8:04 PM on Sunday, NEPTUNE has an opportunity to play a significant new role in your life through your participation with these new MOON energies.


NEPTUNE Master of Ecstasy


The last several lunation cycles have been loosening the Saturnian grip of the ego and the inertia of static traditions. As you move past the limitations of what is known you enter the Neptunian realm of the unknown. This is a world of fluidity and scintillating lights, where new perceptions dance in your consciousness with strange, but pleasing delight. This is the realm of ecstasy, holding glamour and deceiving phantasms for some, and mystical revelations in sublime proportion for others.


The entrance to the Neptunian realm is through a thirst for what is beyond what you currently have. This is a quest which makes you leave the known world of your birth. It takes you beyond the limitations and traditions of your inner and outer environment, as you search for something more. Something more universal, more extensive and stimulating, more permanent and free.


Ecstasy, in this Neptunian realm, follows in two directions. One path leads to the Divine, the other leads to gold and wealth. The Divine and gold are both the universal givers of ecstasy. One is a quest for the Universal Divine beyond all tribal gods, the other a quest for the bestower of gold and a wealth which can be used anywhere and be transformed into anything. This is a wealth that opens all doors in society and summons at will the glamour of countless pleasures, dreams, and intoxicating experiences. Both of these quests for ecstasy have their place as dissolvers of boundaries. The ecstasy that flows from the Divine is food for the sages, poets, mystics, musicians, and anyone who feel spirit moving in a transcendental way. The ecstasies which gold buys often lead from glamour to glamour, and dream to dream, until its intoxications blur the path back to reality.


Either quest for ecstasy has its value, and also the potential for intoxication. Both forms work as a "solvent" to dissolve what is known and what is limiting. From the stand point of the individual this represents the end of a journey. This is a journey where individualism ends and universalism begins. The journey appears to end, but the individual stream is only flowing into the universal sea. It is, in fact, a new beginning into something more. The experience of ecstasy is the expanding of consciousness into something larger, and the freedom that comes with this new awareness.


New MOON — Mastery of Intensity


This new MOON summons the skill and mastery that is lying dormant in you, waiting for the perfect time to come alive. The level of mastery which this new MOON activates is stirred by the countless past efforts, adjustments, and improvements you have diligently performed. As a result of your past hard work a level of skill and mastery are yours and waiting be to used.


Mastery and skill of what? What is waiting is the skillful use and mastery of your vital energies, libido, and psychic energies, which all have cyclic rhythms of intensity. Your nervous system is tied to your consciousness in profound ways. The manner in which you react to these cyclic rhythms provides a necessary emotional function. Emotions supply the intensity to fully integrate any new experience. In this way you begin to master the vitality of your life force. Skillful use of your emotions can help to open the door of ecstasy. The intensity and the full impact of the Neptunian realm needs a level of mastery for your inner poet, mystic, or musician to emerge.


A Vision of your Ecstasy


In Esoteric astrological terms, you have a unique opportunity to come face to face with your Universal Self. This experience is complete with a vision of the ecstasy that will inspire a possible personal metamorphosis into something more extensive, more universal, more mystical, or more free.


With the new MOON in opposition to NEPTUNE, and supported by a powerful vision (grand trine), you have the opportunity to clearly see, maybe for the first time ever, how you might express yourself and use your creative power in the world. This is a vision of expanding yourself  into new realms of understanding your place in the world and your participation in a field of universal cooperation.


New MOON Ceremony


The ideal time for this new MOON ceremony or ritual is in the 12 hour period preceding the 8:04PM new MOON. The focus of this special time is to harness this window of opportunity, where your vital energies are extremely high and your nervous system knows how to intuitively master the intensity of this special event. Here are a few simple suggestions:


  •  Set aside 20 minutes during this special time to fully focus on the intensity of the moment. Set the intention that you are ready to clearly see an expanded vision of yourself.
  • Light a candle as a symbol of the illumination that is available to you. Spend 5 minutes breathing quietly with your full attention on the flame of the candle. Then stare directly at the candle for 60 seconds and close your eyes for 10-15 seconds. Watch the lingering image in your mind's eye.
  • Repeat this sequence of staring at the candle and then closing your eyes  5 or 6 times. Each time you close your eyes,  focus on the image that the candle is making on your interior screen as it fades away.
  • The last time you close your eyes feel yourself floating and dancing within the flickering image. Allow yourself to drift into new realms of perception and ecstasy.
  • For the remainder of your time ponder your individual life flowing into the sea of the Universal. Allow the glamour that covers up all that is clearly defined fade into the golden and iridescent mist of pure freedom.
  • See yourself in the prenatal stage of a new life. This is a life of consciousness, a life which partakes in a more universal rhythm, which knows itself as a participant in an order of being that transcends a narrow and limited selfhood.
  • Feel yourself as the embryonic growth within the Great Mother of Universal Compassion, as a true and responsible citizen of the world, beyond national barriers, tribal superstitions, and the bondage of uncontrolled passion. This is the home of Cosmic Love. Feel the ecstasy of it. See your vision of it.


New Moon Summary


This is a rare and special time to feel the expanded rhythm of your Universal Self, and see a vision of your possible metamorphosis into a true citizen of the world. This new MOON provides the skill and mastery needed to clearly envision that which encompasses a higher and more universal level of existence for you.