The Magic of Two Gemini New Moons

The Magic of Two Gemini New Moons


On May 20th, 2012 we will be entering a realm of discovery, as our Sun moves into the sign of Gemini on the day of a spectacular Solar Eclipse. Indeed this is a special time in the history of our planet Earth.


The specialness and impact of the year "2012" has been etched in our collective consciousness for centuries. The Mayans saw 2012 as both an end and a beginning. The wheel of creative spirit always moves forward and every ending marks the start of something new.


Consciousness, awareness, and perceptions of reality — all of these have dynamic roots which grow and change our understanding of our relationship to the universe. Their evolution in us is marked by the quality of Light in our being. This is the reason each of us responds instinctively to the urge of becoming more than what we are. The urge to strive for excellence, fulfillment, completeness, and wholeness, moves each of us forward in different ways, but always toward a better future. We all have a vision of a future which is full of abundance and satisfaction. Life without this basic purpose quickly becomes hollow and empty of meaning. Although the Mayans didn't leave any record of the new beginning which proceeds after 2012, it is definitely implied. Perhaps the current trend in the evolution of consciousness was beyond their ability to comprehend. This possibility is implied in their silence.


Nevertheless, this much we know for certain: We are moving forward into a changing future. Excitement is in the air.  Both of the  coming Gemini New MOONs point to this excitement of new discovery and the joy and creativity which naturally follows.



The First Gemini New MOON on a Solar Eclipse

Sunday May 20, 2012 @ 4:47 pm PDT Seattle


To fully grasp the meaning of this New MOON, let us first take a look at the significance of the Solar Eclipse occurring at the same time.


The Solar energy of the SUN powers our will to move forward in life. It is our primary source of warmth, energy, and the electro-magnetic fuel on which our physical bodies run. The Sun fuels our "purpose of Life," because without this life giving source, energy and cosmic love, we have nothing to activate us. We need the energy of the SUN in order to move and power our life-force, which too often is taken for granted. Symbolically, the SUN illuminates our purpose and gives us the energy to follow our path.  As the SUN spreads its light, the light of our own consciousness reflects that warmth and love, giving us illumination in our own life's path.


When the SUN's light is eclipsed by the MOON, two things occur. The SUN, and therefore our illumination, are temporarily darkened. But there is a second factor, which is the MOON. The MOON is now prominent in our experience and awareness, where the light of SUN should be. In other words, a void occurs that is filled by the MOON.


The mystery to the Solar Eclipse is found in the meaning of the MOON. The MOON symbolizes everything in our past up to the present moment. Lunar light is always redistributing the SUN's light in new ways to nurture growth and to organize the life process. It allows the light of the past to linger a bit longer for the purpose of extending the power of the SUN.


During a Solar Eclipse we have direct access to ancestral energies. The SUN darkens and there is a momentary suspension of access to our purpose. The SUN's purpose moving us forward in life STOPS! For a brief instant a portal into the past is opened and ancestral energies flow without constraint. It is a symbolic time for each of us to stand upon the achievements of everything that has preceded. It is a moment of deep appreciation, an honoring of what it took to get us where we are. The truth of the past is revealed in our consciousness. If we have wasted our life-force and purpose we feel that the momentum of the past has been wasted, and fear of the future creeps into our psyche. On the other hand, if our life is full of purpose and we have been walking the illumined path, then we experience the Solar Eclipse with awe and wonder. This is true whether or not we are able to visually witness the actual eclipse. We feel inspired by the notion of moving forward. Appreciation for the beauty of the past wells up and we feel connected to our ancestors and are in awe of their sacrifices and progress.



The Meaning of the First New MOON

Sunday May 20, 2012 @ 4:47 pm Seattle


The New MOON occurring on a Solar Eclipse represents a major turning point in individual consciousness. Each of you must decide if you are moving forward in life with excitement and purpose, or the alternative, where you are left behind with all the failures of your ancestors. Will you decide to recoil in fear and apprehension of the future, afraid to move forward in life? Or will you embrace the new dimension in reality which is starting to emerge?


The Solar Eclipse New MOON represents a vision of the future which involves seeing reality from a new perspective. We all carry the seed of our ancestors, born to move forward in the evolution of humanity and consciousness. This New MOON is the opportunity to discovery a new aspect of reality which has remained hidden from our ancestors until now.



Practical Ways to Embrace a Decision to Move Forward


There are three important aspects to embracing this new dimension in reality. This will  allow you to move forward using the momentum which was created in your past through ancestral energy.


  • During the next two weeks, look for the deeper beauty in everything which happens as a way to anchor your appreciation for your past. Notice the various waves of progress which have brought you to this point in all of shared human history. To move forward, feel the momentum of the past and acknowledge the beauty and synchronicity of everything in your life that represents moving into the future. Feel the excitement and the sense of discovery.
  • Moving forward means to rise above your current situation and to realize that the future is meant to be used for the enjoyment and fulfillment of everyone. Gemini Lunar energy needs to anchor the feeling of pleasure so that the objectivity and perspective is balanced between both the past and the future.
  • Use your keen mental perceptions to pierce through the illusion of the concrete "outer reality" which is held in check by nature's display of spectacular outer phenomena. The subtle is hidden behind the spectacular. The "inner reality" is cloaked in beauty, yet the factor that makes something beautiful is the key which separates the "inner reality" from its  outer shell. The world is an illusion only to those who are unable to see the "inner reality" functioning as wisdom, love, and creativity.





Our May 20th New MOON on Sunday is the first of two New MOONs occurring in the sign of Gemini. The emphasis of two New MOONs in the same sign symbolizes the importance of adapting your awareness to begin using new mental perceptions in a more subtle manner. Our ability to integrate the magic of this new dimension and new reality rests on our desire to move forward in life. The universe is providing a natural and intuitive way to evolve our consciousness and to retain a higher capacity for relating to our beloved planet. Before our next new Moon in June we will all experience the opening of a magnificent portal into the future which will occur at the Full MOON Lunar Eclipse on June 4th. This will be a much anticipated and rare event as we will all have an opportunity to glimpse the future.


Steven Shroyer