• Shifting Lunar Energies - Mar 4th

This article is a short summary about the energies of the approaching New Moon on Friday, March 4th, 2011 12:46 PM PST.


With this New Moon a new awareness of ancestral energies is emerging to offer us both courage and hope. Courage and hope will be needed to perpetuate our openness in the new phase of human evolution that is approaching. What is called for is "courage" that is based in "hope." This is a mental capacity that is to be used in new or clever ways to avoid unnecessary hardships as we anchor what was illuminated during the last Full Moon. For example, imagine that you are working on a new business contract. Rather than the blind faith of "hoping" everything is in alignment for the future, you would be better served by carefully engaging the intellect in all the details and asking the tough questions about how the business contract will actually serve the future, based on your own sense of authenticity.


This next Moon Cycle offers us a time of testing. The test of the next few weeks is not a test of endurance, but a test of the skillful mental use of your own spiritual breakthroughs and realizations that were initiated with the last December Lunar Eclipse.


There is now the need to sufficiently strengthen what have become your new skills. These skills are necessary and are needed for moving forward if we are to meet and weather the coming storm, represented by this next Lunation Cycle. Ancestral energies are available as servants of the past to support this current cycle. The Ancestors are ready to actively help us move in a direction that they could only dream about. This is a special time for a specific type of ancestral fulfillment which had its beginnings long ago. Thankfulness will help activate our hope.


The next Full Moon will be of particular importance. During this period a spiritual outlook that responds with courage and hope will be most useful. Over the next couple of weeks you may feel like you are being tested and challenged to transform. The opportunity is to embody the quality of Spirit that will allow you to be strengthened through that which challenges you.


Here are some ideas to help stimulate your own process of creating a New Moon ritual.


  • Before the Lunar Shift at 12:46 PM, Friday, is a great time to set intentions. The ideal intentions would be centered on "what" needs to be different in your life. With a calm mind, you could ask yourself, "In what "new and different" ways can I make quality "adjustments" that will nurture me in a positive way?" This type of meditation is often referred to as "contemplation."
  • After the Lunar Shift at 12:46 PM, Friday, it would most appropriate to celebrate! Celebration, and not meditation, is in the true keeping of the lunar vibration, especially during the first day after the New Moon. This energy creates the perfect time for celebration. It is a time to celebrate with a thankful heart, and a joy that only knows how to move forward with the momentum of your future pulling at your heart. This is a type of celebration which honors the birth of a growing, richer, and fuller future, where the inertia of the past (ghosts of the past) have been overcome.


To better understand the sequence of this New Moon shift, let's take a closer look.


The "Lunar New Moon Shift" releases a New Impulse that needs to be buried in the depths of your Soul for approximately 24 hours. This is 24 hours immediately following the Lunar Shift. This initial period of the New Moon is called the "dark hour of night." It is considered dark, because the New Impulse cannot be psychically accessed during this period. During this beautiful period of the New Moon we have an opportunity to completely forget the past. During this "dark hour of night," the gift of light sparks against our Soul and a New Impulse is born. The birth of this New Impulse can only be thwarted by the inertia of the past, i.e. "ghosts of the past." The good news is that for the first 24 hours (dark hour of night) the "ghosts of the past" can be completely forgotten and the New Impulse can anchor and start to grow. This alone is reason to celebrate.


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Blessings, Steven Shroyer