• Garden of the soul - May 2 New MOON

posted May 16, 2011, 11:47 AM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Dec 22, 2011, 6:34 PM ]
During the last two weeks the Moon energies have been building in a hidden way or it might be said, "the inner way." Hidden in the sense that it represents the Garden of the soul. Today is a hidden or esoteric time to set intentions of prosperity and happiness for the coming Full MOON.

The New MOON intentions for May 2nd, must be completed by the 11:51 PM New MOON tonight, Monday May 2nd.

This esoteric window for setting intentions begins now until the exact conjunction of the SUN and MOON occurring at 11:51 PM in Seattle tonight. 

The New Moon is 11:51 PM, May 2nd.

Our happiness and prosperity is currently tied with our ability to feel the flow of power and strength in our activities. Power and strength which is naturally generated at this phase of lunation, along with our intentions, will help launch a great activation at an ancient sacred site in Peru at the next Full MOON. 

Our intentions need to contain both strength-of-action and a deep sense of prosperity. Strength-of-action in the external world is necessary to balance and support the inner receptive Garden of the soul that has been building during the last two weeks. Our sense of prosperity can now flow along with our external strength to integrate our inner work in our Garden of the soul

Ideally, we will set our intentions from a place of fullness and integration. A place where the power-to-act also flows with prosperity and healing energies. The symbolism most useful in setting our intentions before this New MOON is: The mobilization of personal and collective energies, powered by the sacred heart and the Garden of the soul. 

Steven Shroyer