• The Brotherhood and Sisterhood at the Western Gate - Sep 27

posted Sep 25, 2011, 9:39 PM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Dec 23, 2011, 9:26 AM ]

New MOON on Tuesday, Sept 27th at 4:09 AM PDT


Tuesday's New MOON comes only 4 days after the Fall Equinox (known as "The Western Gate" in esoteric thought). This current New MOON presents you with a wonderful opportunity to feel a deeper connection to the Universe and all of humankind. Summer is the season for personal growth and expansion; while Winter is the season for letting go of personal results, as we participate as a member of something larger than our personal achievements. The Fall Equinox is the bridge between the two when the energies shift in dramatic fashion. As we leave Summer and enter Fall we expand our awareness of community and begin to feel our sense of belonging to something greater.


The Esoteric Western Gate of Autumn


At the eternal and symbolic west, where the SUN forever sets, there lies the promise for a transcendental life and your participation in a greater realm of experience. As daylight fades into the translucent ecstasy of autumn's dusk, out of the darkness, one by one, the STARS begin to emerge. Through this Western Gate of the autumn night, you can see the pageant of the constellations beginning to dance with delight. The dominance of the one SUN is forgotten as the wonder of Celestial communion shines and the myriads of STARS appear. The one has died into the many. This type of death is really an important revelation. This revelation, where the one becomes part of the many,  is the mystery of the Fall Equinox.


Witnessing the autumn sunset and the emergence of the first stars, as you feel your personal connection from the one to the many, an inner initiation is suddenly felt. You are no longer alone as the heavenly brotherhood and sisterhood begin to shine in your consciousness and you feel an inner connection to something greater. (see footnote below)


Initiation into the Brotherhood of the Autumn Season


The Fall Equinox represents your deeper connection with community and through an inner extension, the brotherhood and sisterhood of the universe.


If the one SUN can be experienced as the higher Self (in esoteric terms), initiation occurs through the realization of an expanded awareness into your inexpressible communion with many Suns, the stars, the brotherhood of the Celestials. Your mind expands as the overwhelming power of the one light grows with certainty as your being takes its place among the multitudes of radiant centers of light. Your connection with the one SUN by the light of day, turns into the overwhelming feeling of communion with the celestial host by the light of night. This is the mystery of Summer's transition into Fall. This is also the deeper meaning of the mysterious relationship of day becoming the night.



The New MOON: Expanding Cooperation


The overwhelming theme of this New MOON is in your participation and cooperation with your sense of community and a greater realm of experience. This is a time for a deep connection with others with whom you want to work in an expanded sense of cooperation. The new impulse now represented by the New MOON contains your unique contribution and knowledge of a "new world" which you envision could be built. This  "new world" is a world where cooperation and brotherhood replace class wars and social unfairness. This is a world where you, as an individual, can participate in a greater life that equally gives back to you. The paradox, and the Fall Equinox mystery, is in the idea that the larger realm, and the greater Whole, can work through you as an agent of celestial order and cosmic unity. An inner sense of unity is felt as you take your rightful position as a member of the celestial brotherhood and sisterhood.


New MOON Activities


This is the season to renew old friendships and relationships that mean the most to you. As you expand your awareness into the greater brotherhood of light, or simply expand your feeling of a greater sense of community, consider these suggestions and ideas that are supportive of our current Lunar energies:


  • Connect or reconnect with the most important people in your life.
  • Consider collaborating in new ways, or in an expanded way, with the people you respect the most.
  • Join a group that has an altruist perspective.
  • If an upcoming evening has clear skies, sit facing the west at sunset. As dusk turns to night, watch the stars appear, one by one. See the one SUN turn to many. Feel your place in the brotherhood and sisterhood of the universe.


New Moon Summary


This month's New MOON is working to reinforce the Fall Equinox theme of expanding your awareness, through your participation in community and a sense of working within an awareness of a greater reality.


Footnote: For readability, brotherhood and sisterhood are synonymous and implied even if only the term brotherhood is mentioned. "Brotherhood," in terms of this article, is considered genderless and represents a deeply felt connection that is brotherly or sisterly in origin.