• The Harvest MOON - Sep 12

posted Sep 9, 2011, 5:04 PM by Steven Shroyer   [ updated Dec 23, 2011, 9:50 AM ]

Full MOON on Monday, Sept 12th, 2:27 AM PDT


In the past, the harvest MOON has always been a symbol of the plentitude of life. In Esoteric terms the harvest MOON represents the fullness and realization of your psychic gifts. Each one of us has at least one psychic gift, even if we don't know exactly what it is or how to effectively use it. (The most general definition for my use of the word "psychic" is to refer to all non-physical energies. For more explanation please see the footnote.)


What this coming Full MOON is holding for you can be symbolized by a picture of a table set for an evening meal. Immediately, questions come to mind. "For whom is the table set?" "Is the table full of bountiful food and drink, or bareness and unappealing leftovers?" If the meal is in celebration of the harvest, "Is the bounty of the harvest full and fruitful, or lean and parse?"


A Time for Celebration


The harvest MOON is certainly a great time for celebration, but in Esoteric terms, as the harvest of your destiny and purpose, it is also a time for soul nourishment, personal satisfaction, and fulfillment. The harvest MOON is full because it is in opposition to the SUN. The SUN on this day reveals a specific quality of Virgoan light. This quality of light illuminates your path forward from a past that was left behind. Now it's time for you to journey with the others (who are symbolically seated at the table), in both cooperation and in destiny. It's time to celebrate through a linking of consciousness with those with whom you are journeying, and a time to receive psychic nourishment as you enter into the next season of new experiences.


The Psychic Gift of Soul Nourishment


How does the Harvest MOON relate to your psychic gifts? This is a PISCES Full MOON, encouraging your participation in soul nourishment. It is activated by a VIRGO SUN, known for its skilled and subtle use of psychic energies. Soul nourishment is ultimately a psychic process. Most individuals use their psychic gifts in an unconscious way, in other words, most of us are unconscious about how we use non-physical energies to nourish our soul. This is the perfect season to explore this question. During this full MOON, I encourage you to celebrate with friends over a festive evening meal and reflect what you each do to nourish your soul.


Celebrating the Harvest MOON


The prime energies of the harvest MOON span a few evenings. If you decide to create a simple celebration meal with friends, it's ideal to do this on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday evening.


My wish is that your Harvest MOON's evening table is bountiful and nourishing to your soul. May your feast  be shared with those with whom you journey, and focused toward your destiny and purpose.


If you are interested in connecting more deeply with your destiny and life's purpose, or you would like to discover what your psychic gifts are, or the tools to more effectively trust and use them, please contact me for a reading. My specialty involves helping people understand their life path and purpose. I would be honored to help you to discover your intuitive or psychic gifts and how to use them in a conscious way.


What does the term PSYCHIC mean?


When used in Esoteric thought, the word "psychic" describes either a quality of energy or a specific type of realm or field.  Psychic, refers to all non-physical energies or fields that are active, dynamic, and related to subtle realms of life which are currently outside the sphere of physical science. In fact, the very nature of life itself is considered psychic;  life force, prana, chi, and auras are all considered different types of structured psychic (energetic) forms of life.


There are various psychic realms, and various psychic energies which contain information that can be accessed through feelings, emotions, clairvoyance, clairaudience, or intuitive thought. These realms are largely unconscious until we develop awareness and perception of their existence. One becomes aware of this type of psychic information as it moves across the threshold of unconscious to conscious. The recognition and awareness of what is moving across this threshold is referred to as intuitive information or intuitive thought.