• Basic Meaning of the Planets, SUN, and MOON

Basic Meaning of the Sun, Moon and Planets

Basic Meaning of the Planets, Sun & Moon

☉ — SUN: The centralizing and harmonizing source of light and life's sustaining and vitalizing Solar energies. The original LOGOS and integrating factor that gives purpose to individual and holistic existence.

☽ — MOON: A reflection of the Solar Principle which provides form, organic activity, and bio-psychic structures. It structures through the ego, instincts, and all that nourishes. It functions as one's ability to adapt their changing environment. Also functions as a common planetary pair with SATURN, NEPTUNE, and the SUN.

☿ — MERCURY: The first differentiation of Solar energy. It functions as the lower-mind with the ability to classify, organize, abstract, and communicate within the phenomenal world. Functions as a common planetary pair with JUPITER, and SATURN. Functions as an uncommon (and in most persons, unconscious) planetary pair with URANUS, NEPTUNE and PLUTO.
  • MERCURY / JUPITER: Expanding the intuitive function of the mind.
  • MERCURY / SATURN: To architect new systems of complexity reflecting a new structural need within Mankind.
  • MERCURY / URANUS: Bring to the conscious mind — planetary revelations.
  • MERCURY / NEPTUNE: New symbols become new ideals for Humanity-as-a-whole.
  • MERCURY / PLUTO: Radically transforms the higher mind with a new level of identification built on new ideals and planetary revelations.

♀ — VENUS: The function of centripetal (inner) awareness giving access to one's inner realms. The extraction of value and meaning from one's experiences which give rise to what is needed for harmonization with the inner Self and others. Functions as a planetary pair with Mars.

♂ — MARS: The function of a centrifugal (outer) release of energy. That which moves away from one's center in order to experience that which is greater, and to initiate a creative expression of one's inner or "centripetal" awareness.

♃ — JUPITER: The harmonizing management of that which is structured or contained. This planet symbolizes the function of the principle of expansion and all that is needed at any comprehensive order of activities. It assimilates, organizes and expands all that operates within the framework of what structures, and operates, as its "active container" or skeleton.

♄ — SATURN: The great container. The "active container" or skeleton, boundary, limitation, threshold, and all that is organic and structurally contained within the phenomenal world. It represents the structure of the ego, and the structure of tradition, culture and society. Functions as a planetary pair with Jupiter.

♅ — URANUS: The glimpse of a richer, fuller, and expanded level of participation. Its frequency and function is to shatter that which is crystallized and obsolete. The descent of vision, and new revelations from the expanded realm of consciousness operating at a planetary level.

♆ — NEPTUNE: The function of dissolving all that is obsolete. It dissolves all that isn't in harmony with Wholeness and operating as a universal principle. What dissolves becomes new substance for universal order and spiritual ideals.

♇ — PLUTO: The new order and transformational rhythm of the galaxy. Working with the original Solar purpose and LOGOS in conscious participation with the Wholeness of "planetary-mind." No less than a complete and radical transformation of the identification and experience of Wholeness.

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