The Greatest Decision Ever Made

The Greatest Decision Ever Made

New MOON on Sunday, January 22nd, at 11:39 PM PST


The new MOON energies this coming Sunday will be releasing an impulse having overtones of great importance in your personal life. The opportunity that will present itself is in fact, rare indeed. Starting at the new MOON and continuing until the next full MOON, you will have the opportunity to make what is, perhaps, one of the most difficult decisions you have ever made. This article outlines why this is so important and what you can do to prepare yourself for this coming new MOON decision.


Is There Any Escaping This Decision?


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No, for in this particular case, even a non-decision could be crucial to your future. Now that I have your attention, it is absolutely  necessary to fully understand the nature of this decision and what is truly at stake. The cosmic rhythms are unfolding in a unique way which are giving everyone one last chance to take a stand and choose their own destiny.


Energies And Tensions Have Been Building


Before we can fully understand what is being asked of us at this new MOON turning point, it will be quite helpful to look at how exactly these universal energies have been building. Over the last month, there has been internal tension building around the question:


How do I creatively expand in a world and a society with such a limiting vision of the future?


Some additional pressures we are all feeling are summed up in the following questions:


Do my actions and involvement in my personal projects reflect the true inspiration that I know is needed? Is the impulse to break free from what is bothering me really worth the risk of the negative consequences that may result in my attempt to do so? Do I have what it takes to be successful?


As you read the above questions, take a moment to feel which aspects  of these questions resonate with you. The rhythms of cosmic processes are asking you to consider these questions. If they resonate at all, there should be a noticeable build-up of energies surrounding these issues. You should be feeling it as if you are triggered. Once you identify the questions that resonate, the bigger question is, "What do I do about it?!"


On The Verge


We are on the verge of several synchronistic and related events. It not a coincidence that we are about to enter the Chinese Year of the Dragon on January 23rd. It also not a coincidence that the planet Neptune enters Pisces on February 4th. (see footnote)  In the midst of these transitions, the new MOON energies are cosmically supporting our transition and our sacred planet, Earth. 


During every new MOON, the solar principle impregnates the MOON with its solar purpose. As the MOON moves around and around the Earth, it stirs the psychic energies and nurtures us as we adapt to what was fecundated by solar purpose. We are on the verge of entering the next phase of changing energies. The Year of the Dragon, and movement of Neptune both point to this new phase. The new MOON is helping us prepare for these changes with one last opportunity to align our life with our highest potential. There is immense support now for personal change, even if a whole new life trajectory is needed!


This current new MOON is supporting you in making the one major decision in your life that is holding you back from your own destiny. It is one thing to have potential, it another thing to actually live your highest potential and put it into action. Now is the opportunity to make a difference, a big difference in your life. In fact the time is ripe to actually make the hardest decision you have ever faced. You may be thinking, "But I don't have any major life changing decisions in my life right now!" Let me explain this point more carefully. 


Big or Small Decisions


The new MOON is supporting your ability to make "any" decision, big or small, including extremely difficult decisions in your life, and then supporting you in following through as you begin to implement your decision. Regardless of how complex, or how difficult the consequences of a choice may be, or whether or not you feel as if you have the commitment and necessary will to follow through, this is your big opportunity to take advantage of a rare cosmic alignment. To state this another way, regardless of what is to be decided in your life, you have cosmic support to do it, no matter how big or how small the choice. You have support to choose and then act on your choice. The question you can ask yourself is, "How big a choice do I want to make?" You have the opportunity at this time to choose a major trajectory change in your life path, or simply choose to go to the gym more regularly. The choice is yours. Are you going to think big or small?


It's important to realize that "no choice" at this time, is a decision as well. Even if your decision is to do nothing and therefore be blown by the winds of social trends and media values, it's still a decision.


Although what you chose to decide can be mundane or profound, the universe has been pushing you to examine your own limiting beliefs and challenging you to make decisions in which you choose to take a different path. Even if society's trends or values around this "different path" don't support you, even if society directly opposes you, if you can get clear and align with your own guidance, then the universe at this time will provide strength to act, and the unfolding opportunities and circumstances will go your way.


At this new MOON, you have the opportunity to make life changing decisions, regardless of how big or small they may be. The universe is giving direct support for making these decisions, even if they aren't in alignment with current cultural values. Furthermore, they very well may be the values of society of the near future.


What You Can Do


This new MOON is a rare occurrence, especially since it is occurring on the eve of the energetic new year (Dragon year), as well as a major astrological event (Neptune in Pisces). Here are a few suggestions to support your decision making process. To take full advantage of this opportunity you need to be consciously engaged in your decision making process BEFORE the new MOON at 11:39 PM PST on Sunday the 22nd. AFTER the new MOON, and during the two weeks leading up to the next full MOON, there will be a unique field of support for following through and taking action on your decision.


You can work with these suggestions, or create your own simple processes. Work with your decisions anytime from now, as you read this article, until the new MOON on Sunday night. This time frame is the most powerful phase you have for working with these Lunar energies.


  • Set aside a minimum of 15 minutes to get in touch with what has been bothering you about your life. As you sit, feel it. Feel what isn't right in your world. After you can feel it, sit with the feeling of what isn't right, allowing pictures to form. These will be a direct clue as to what the real issue or deeper issue actually is.
  • Make a deliberate and conscious connection to the realization that the universe is directly helping you to see what your deeper life issues are, so that the universe and cosmic rhythms can support the life path that will give you the greatest fulfillment. Joy and happiness are the result of living with purpose and meaning. You have the support now to realize and live your highest joy.
  • Connect with the realization that you are in control of your own destiny. You have access to the power to choose, the will to act, and the character to live your life as a true individual with a cosmic purpose. Sit, imagine, and choose your life's trajectory. The new MOON loves you and supports you.


One additional note. If you are unable to actively participate in this decision process before the new MOON event, all is not lost. You will have the two weeks following the new MOON to discover what unconscious decisions you may have made. During this waxing phase leading to the full MOON, you'll become aware of your decisions and you will have opportunities to re-frame what may have been an unconscious decision on your part.




With this new MOON you have entered an important phase occurring directly before a larger cosmic shift. In order to prepare, the universe is helping you by providing situations which are triggering areas of your life in which you have the opportunity to choose to think or act differently. The unique astrological alignment is offering direct support to make any decision, large or small, with grace and ease. There is support now to act and implement whatever you decide. The choice is all yours!



1.  April 26,1847 was the last time the planet Neptune entered the zodiac sign of Pisces. On Feb 4, 2012 Neptune once again enters Pisces. My next Lunar Esoteric Journal Article will focus on this rare event and what it means.