Too Many Choices

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Too Many Choices

New Moon February 21st at 2:35PM PST


Each month, the new MOON represents the Sun impregnating the MOON with a new solar impulse, idea, or action.  This month we have an impressive group of 5 "planets" (including the Sun, MOON, Neptune, Mercury, and Chiron) located in the water sign of Pisces. This concentration of planetary energy symbolizes an unlimited amount of potential, but with unlimited potential comes the dilemma; Which course of action should I take? 


Potential Makes Opportunity Possible


The word opportunity is a fascinating one, for it means etymologically: "reaching a harbor."


As we travel though life we often experience a tempestuous sea of events. We long for calmer waters with the safety, enjoyment, and rest the harbor may provide. As we sail along, possible distracted, or just blown off-course by local winds, we may miss the sighting of land or the distant lighthouse. We may miss our opportunity or harbor. 


Our current new MOON is activating a new course of action, based on what you feel is going to be useful in the future. Pisces is the foundation for the future and therefore you have an opportunity during this Lunar cycle to direct your own future. Pisces dissolves away everything that the future can't sustain and hold. It is the sea in which new forms of life emerge and new purpose is born. Its vastness unites together everyone on our planet.


The true opportunity with this new MOON will come during the coming week, following the Tuesday new MOON. The impulse to go in a new direction is extremely strong, but without your determination to fight and struggle against the prevailing winds and local currents, your ship may miss the opportunity or harbor. These prevailing winds and currents represent the familiar patterns or circumstances that are associated with the past and don't support your future.


New MOON to First Quarter MOON


The need to struggle for what you want from now until the First Quarter MOON on February 29th cannot be stressed enough. Your potential and therefore your opportunity may be unlimited, but only so far as your will to steer your life toward the opportunity. Your highest potential lies in you expanding into something larger and more inclusive. Here are a few suggestion to help you in this process.

  • Realize that the prevailing attitudes in your environment may not be supportive of your opportunities and that it's alright to exert your own will when it involves your future.
  • Look for ways to expand your connectedness through family, groups, or your community.
  • Think in terms of inclusiveness verse exclusiveness.
  • Be prepared to make decisions, modify your activities, and compromise the little things in order in move forward and stay on course during the next week until the first quarter MOON.




The new MOON is offering opportunities from an unlimited source of potential. In order to take advantage of this situation, it may be necessary to exert your own will in matters that will test your resolve to stay on course toward the future you desire. Participation in group activities with an attitude of inclusiveness will be most beneficial during this entire Lunar cycle.