Precious Gems and Simple Happiness

Precious Gems and Simple Happiness

Full MOON on Sunday, Jan 8th at 11:30PM PST


A Perfect Day for Reflection


This January's Full MOON energies embody the perfect opportunity for reflecting on your accomplishments of the past year. There is a special opportunity now to draw power and happiness by finding a new way to relate to these success from the past. This article explores ways to integrate your more "noble" successes and bring them into the present, by forming a new type of relationship with those past accomplishments.



Owning Your Gems of Nobility


Take 10 minutes to reflect on your past year. The solar alignment of planets combined with the Full MOON suggests that your reflection should focus on your "noble past accomplishments." Focus on those activities or accomplishments that are noble and precious to you, those that came from your highest integrity and altruistic character. It is important for you to be your own judge as to what you feel is worthy of honoring from your past. Your personal ownership of the experience is what should connect you to these "gems of nobility." It is this sense of nobility of your actions that you must form a relationship with, not with the actual past accomplishment. Focus on extracting the "gem of nobility" from the action or success, and you will instantly feel a surge of power and happiness.



Finding Happiness in Your Present Circumstances


The Full MOON energies are supporting a new relationship to your noble past, and at the same time, the Lunar energies are also supporting the ever present moment, or "now," where happiness always remains. You can only truly be happy in the present moment. The recognition and acceptance of your own nobility links you to the present moment, through the realization that you have a relationship, independent of time and space, with deeds well done. In this particular case, you are acknowledging your relationship with your own spiritual qualities. This is a key to happiness. Any noble act done in the past has the power to remind you of your own spiritual qualities. Acknowledging your spiritual qualities in the present moment is a key to experiencing instant happiness.



The Next Two Weeks


Happiness for the next two weeks is dependent on embracing two realms at the same time. One realm is the eternal moment, the now, and the other realm your own nobility, which is rooted in the past. As you establish a new relationship with the precious gems of your spiritual qualities you will feel an additional surge of happiness. During the next two weeks practice the art of experiencing simultaneous realms, where the past and present merge together through the recognition and ownership of your spiritual qualities, your Noble Gems.