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Venus: Builder of Personal Integrity

Venus: Builder of Personal Integrity

As we build new skills through crisis, we also develop strength and compassion. When the idea of "testing" is mentioned it is important to realize that the testing always comes from within. The circumstances may be external, but growth and personal integrity always stir from within.

Venus is working from within us as "our reaction" to that which we encounter through our relationship to the world. Our capacity to meet emotionally upsetting experiences within human relationships is what allows us to grow with strength of character, compassion, and personal integrity. Venus is our capacity to learn through emotional crises and develop our innate inner strength and compassion.

This raises an interesting question: "Is an emotional crisis really necessary?" What is really at stake here is our capacity to share authentically and with personal integrity. Too often we shy away from sharing with others at such a deep personal level. Compassion and strength grow from this level of sharing, which for many is much too vulnerable a place. When our sense of personal protection is too sensitive to share in an authentic way, then an emotional crisis becomes the only unconscious path available for continued growth.

Sharing emotions deeply and authentically within our relationships is the natural way to build personal integrity. This positive approach avoid the necessity of growth through an emotional crisis.